A Weyland-Yutani Commando in an Apesuit.

The Apesuit is a specialized armored suit, used by both the United States Colonial Marine Corps and Weyland-Yutani combat personnel. The suit effectively protects the wearer from the hazardous effects of Xenomorph acidic blood.


The Apesuit first appears in Alien3, being worn by the Weyland-Yutani Commandos accompanying Michael Bishop and his science team on Fiorina "Fury" 161. One of the Apesuit-wearing commandos is responsible for the death of Francis Aaron. The Apesuit later appeared in the video games Alien Trilogy and Aliens versus Predator 2, where it is used by some Weyland-Yutani troops.

In Aliens versus Predator: Extinction, the Ape Suit is worn by Colonial Marine flamethrower units; it additionally protects the wearer from Facehugger attacks as long as they are not comatose, as the Facehugger will then have time to pry the suit's mask off and gain access to the victim within. The Apesuits in this game are considerably bulkier than those seen previously.


The Apesuit seemed to have been designed to be able to assist with the handling of Aliens, as Weyland Yutani commandos usually wear it when sent to a location known to have Xenomorphs. The armor is apparently resistant to acid and the helmet protects the wearer from facehuggers, though the success of the helmet has varied, as commandos that have been restrained or are already unconscious would still be vulnerable to them. The earliest versions were bulky and heavy looking, while the mk3 version was more sleeker which likely allowed for better movement.