Anne Cregar was a colonist in Trono on the planet LV-871 and mother to twelve-year old Maxon Cregar.

Following a Xenomorph outbreak on the colony, Anne is subsequently impregnated by a Facehugger and dies in an escape shuttle after giving birth to a Chestburster, the resultant alien later stalking Maxon on their plight for survival.


The Outbreak


Anne and Max encountering a Xenomorph

Anne was a single mother living with her son Maxon on the colony of Trono. Her husband Lucas Cregar had died an unknown period before the events of the outbreak. During a sudden Xenomorph outbreak on the colony, she was subdued by a facehugger in her apartment.

After waking up to see her frightened son, and alerted by the chaos occurring on the streets outside, Anne took her son to try and get to the evacuation shuttle.

The two leave their apartment to find a corpse in front of them. Anne reaches for the rifle from the body, but suddenly comes face to face with a hulking Xenomorph that emerges from the darkness. Both stand perfectly still as the creature closely inspects the mother, before turning its back on them and taking leave. The two emerge outside of their apartment into the ravaged streets of Trono and get into their car, accidentally running over a Facehugger and splashing a tire with acid blood. The tire of the car later gives way, causing them to crash into the streets.


Max witnesses his mother giving birth to a Chestburster.

As several Xenomorphs advance towards the vehicle, another car crashes into them, sending the aliens into a retreat. The assailant gets out of the vehicle and introduces himself as Assistant Administrator Waugh, who escorts them through the streets to the port. Though they finally reach the port itself, they are ambushed by a horde of Xenomorphs, supposedly waiting for prey nearby the evacuation site. The three rush to a nearby evac shuttle, barely managing to escape with their lives. Whilst Xenomorph Blood within the hull of the ship causes panic, Anne begins doubling over in pain. As a frightened Maxon asks if she is okay, she suddenly convulses and births a Chestburster.


Anne was a maternal mother, having doing what she could to get her and her son to safety, unfortunately she was unaware of the parasite she was carrying and unwittingly endangered her son, as well as the others aboard the evac shuttle. Despite this she thought about things logically, telling her son that they couldn't stay in their house because it had already been compromsed by an alien and more of them could enter. While unaware she was carrying a Chestburster, she felt that something was wrong with her, and before being rescued by Waugh, she was going to ensure that at least her son would get to the shuttle if she couldn't.

The Xenomorph that was birthed from Anne seemed to inherit some of her traits, as its DNA reflex forced it to reconsider attacking Maxon and actually seemed to desire to protect him.


  • Anne coincidentally shares the same first name as Anne Jorden, mother to Rebecca "Newt" Jorden, whom she and her family is also subject to a Xenomorph outbreak on a colony. This may have been an intentional reference.


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