Private Ankor was part of Sergeant Lopé's security team aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant. He was serving on the ship during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by David.

Ankor was part of the expedition team that set down on Planet 4. He was killed by a Neomorph shortly after the team's dropship was destroyed.


The last supper

Before Ankor and the other crew members entered hypersleep, they partook in one last meal. Ankor spent the dinner by his fellow officers' side. During the dinner, Ankor listened to Rosie's discussion about humongous cockroaches living near a colony outpost. Ankor subsequently listened to Daniels' speech about the mission, and with the rest of the crew he retired into hypersleep.

Sudden awakenings

When a neutrino blast hit the Covenant, Ankor was freed by the hypersleep pods' emergency release systems. He immediately rushed to rescue Captain Branson from his pod, although his efforts were ultimately in vain as Branson was subsequently incinerated alive in his pod.

Later on, Ankor accompanied Tennessee in space in order to perform repairs on the exterior of the Covenant, along with its solar recharge sails. After completing the repair job, Ankor returns to the Covenant, but Tennessee intercepts a rogue transmission that includes the sound of a human singing, originating from and unidentified, nearby planet. However, analysis from the ship suggests that it is perfect for human habitation. As the planet is much closer to them than Origae-6, newly-appointed Captain Oram gives the order to travel to this planet instead.

Expedition on Planet 4

After Oram declared that the crew will investigate Planet 4 rather than continue traveling to Origae-6, Ankor and his colleagues travel with Oram and several others to conduct the investigation. After setting down on Planet 4, Karine Oram and Ledward split apart from the rest of the team to conduct an investigation of the planet's surface.

The remaining members of the expedition team eventually discovered a crashed Engineer ship; Ankor and Cole were then ordered by Lopé to remain outside and secure the premises while the others investigated the ship.

Shortly afterward, Karine Oram reports that Ledward is ill. At the same time, Hallett contracts a similar illness (unbeknownst to themselves and the others, they had been infected with Neomorph spores). The crew subsequently headed back to the dropship.

Upon returning to the dropship, Ankor and the others were greeted by the destruction of the ship following Faris' misguided attempts to kill the Neomorph born from Ledward. Seconds later, Hallett began convulsing and screaming in agony. As Ankor and the others attempted to restrain him, a Bloodburster emerged from his throat and mouth, brutally killing him. Ankor subsequently helped secure the perimeter with the remaining members of the security team.

Wheat field ambush and death

Soon afterward, the two Neomorphs ambushed the team in the wheat field despite their attempts at securing the area. Synthetic Walter protected crew member Daniels by pushing her out of the way of a Neomorph, knocking her to the ground in the process. As Daniels struggled to get up, one of the creatures approached her. Seeing this, Ankor fired at the Neomorph in an attempt to protect her. However, this action would soon cost him his life — the Neomorph swiftly spun around and struck Ankor in the face with its tail, tearing through his cheek and mouth and killing him almost instantly.

Personality and Traits

Ankor was possibly the most reserved member of the team, rarely making himself noticed. Despite this, he was not a lazy man, personally volunteering to accompany Tennessee into space in order to repair the outside of the Covenant and its solar recharge sales. When the team was ambushed by two Neomorphs, Ankor showed bravery when he attempted to direct one of the Neomorphs' attention away from Daniels by shooting at it. Unfortunately, it was also this bravery that cost him his life, as he was killed by the same Neomorph seconds later.


Ankor was armed with an AR-15 rifle outfitted with a C-More Railway reflex sight and green laser sights. The rifle was subsequently claimed by Daniels following his death.


  • In the film, Ankor dies when the Neomorph tears through his cheek and mouth by striking him in the face with its tail; in the book, the creature pierces the top of his skull with its tail.[4]



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