Private Ankor was a member of the security team and assistant engineer under Sergeant Dan Lopé aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6. When the Covenant was diverted to a mysterious world after intercepting a rogue transmission, Ankor was part of an expedition team that set down on the planet; shortly after, he was killed by a dangerous alien creature.


Attack on the Covenant[]

As of 2103, Ankor had been recruited as a member of the security team on the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant. Shortly before the Covenant was due to launch from Earth orbit, Ankor and colleagues Ben Ledward and Cole were summoned by acting team leader Tom Hallet to one of the vessel's terraforming bays to deal with an incident—a saboteur had taken a hostage and mined the loading door. As chief terraformist Katherine Daniels appeared on the scene, Ankor aided the others in sketching the situation, pointing out that the saboteur would not kill his hostage and lose his protection in the process. The incident was resolved after Daniels had ship's pilot Tennessee Faris use white noise to jam the territory's remote detonator.

After the Covenant set off on its voyage to Origae-6, Ankor and the other crew members entered hypersleep, they partook in one last meal. During the celebration, Ankor listened to fellow guard Sarah Rosenthal's discussion about humongous cockroaches living near a colony outpost, and to Daniels' speech about the mission. He later joined the rest of the crew in going into hypersleep.

Stasis interrupted[]

One year into the journey in 2104, a neutrino blast hit the Covenant, Ankor was awoken by the hypersleep pods' emergency release systems. He immediately rushed to help rescue captain Jacob Branson from his pod, although his efforts were ultimately in vain as Branson was subsequently incinerated alive in his pod.

Later on, Ankor accompanied Tennessee to perform repairs on the exterior of the Covenant; after Ankor returned to the Covenant after the two successfully repaired its solar sail, Tennessee intercepted a rogue transmission originating from a nearby planet. Newly appointed captain Chris Oram chartered an expedition to survey the planet, with Sergeant Dan Lopé's security team—including Ankor—attached to the effort. On the way to the lander, Ankor briefly shared a joke with Rosenthal about performing a planetary insertion.

Alien encounter[]

After traveling to the world's surface aboard Lander One, the expedition set out to track the signal from the transmission, and eventually discovered a crashed alien ship; Ankor and Cole were ordered by Lopé to remain outside and secure the premises while the others ventured inside.

Shortly after, Ledward and Hallet were infected by mysterious spores, and both became seriously ill. Ankor assisted in escorting a deteriorating Hallet back to Lander One; however, the craft was destroyed after biologist Karine Oram and pilot Maggie Faris failed to contain a violent lifeform that had emerged from Ledward. A similar creature was almost immediately born from Hallet, and the two teamed up to attack the surviving crew. One launched an assault on Daniels and ship's synthetic Walter, and Ankor moved to intervene. He was successful in drawing the alien's attention, but was struck by its tail, which sliced through his jaw and effected a killing blow. Ankor's rifle was subsequently claimed by Daniels.

Personality and traits[]

Ankor was possibly the most reserved member of the team, rarely making himself noticed. When the team was ambushed by aliens, Ankor showed bravery when he attempted to direct one of the creatures' attention away from Daniels; it was also this bravery that cost him his life, as he was killed by the same assailant seconds later.


Ankor was armed with an AR-15 rifle outfitted with a C-More Railway reflex sight and green laser sights. The rifle was subsequently claimed by Daniels following his death.

Behind the scenes[]

Ankor's death differs across sources—in the film, Ankor dies when the Neomorph tears through his cheek and mouth by striking him in the face with its tail; in the book, the creature pierces the top of his skull, again with its tail.[5]



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