The Ani-Men Xenomorphs are four Xenomorphs that were created when Dr. Niels Reinstöt used his sentient human/animal hybrids known as Ani-Men as experiments once more by impregnating them with Facehuggers.

The four Ani-Men Xenomorphs

The four Ani-Men Xenomorphs

Ani-Men Xenomorph Varieties

  • Urso-humanoid hybrid Xenomorph — Spawned from a bear/human hybrid Ani-Man
    Urso-humanoid Xenomorph

    The urso-humanoid Xenomorph

  • Cervo-humanoid hybrid Xenomorph — Spawned from a deer/human hybrid Ani-Man
    Cervo-humanoid Xenomorph

    The cervo-humanoid Xenomorph

  • Rhinocerato-humanoid hybrid Xenomorph — Spawned from a rhinoceros/human hybrid Ani-Man
    Rhinoceroto-humanoid Xenomorph

    The rhinocerato-humanoid Xenomorph

  • Elephanto-humanoid hybrid Xenomorph — Spawned from a elephant/human hybrid Ani-Man
    Elephanto-humanoid Xenomorph

    The elephanto-humanoid Xenomorph



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