Angela Foster was the captain of the Geryon that was sent on a 'salvage mission' on the moon LV-223.


Landing on LV-223[]

A few days before the moon landing, fellow crewmember and documentarian Clara Atkinson introduces her recording device to captain Angela, who was complaining about the quality of the ship's food.

On the day of their arrival, Angela and most of the other crew are in the briefing room listening to one of Chief Security Officer Galgo's stories, until Angela announces three hours until touchdown, and that she would be in her room. Angela secretly records a video, detailing that although the salvage mission was partly true, her real intentions in travelling to LV-223 was to find the truth behind Peter Weyland's disappearance and locate the Engineers.

Angela and the rest of the crew land on the moon and begin exploring the terrain and are met with a lush jungle, bristling with strange alien life. They later come across a field of deceased mauled creatures and a lake of black goo, with Clara's device recording everything at her side. The prime discovery made by the crew however was an old vessel, the Onager, from the colony Hadley's Hope located on the neighboring moon LV-426 — containing a horde of hostile Xenomorphs which they unwittingly unleash. The Xenos kill and wound multiple crewmembers but Angela and others manage to escape.

The crew eventually retreat into the Helios and captain Angela suggests a rescue mission to retrieve fellow crewmembers Francis Lane and Elden who got separated from the group, she also tells the rest of the crew the truth as to why they landed on LV-223 in the first place, much to the other's outrage that she kept such a secret from them.

The Helios is later attacked by Xenomorphs and Angela makes a change of plan to return to the vessel and fight the creatures. Coincidentally, Francis encounters the group and in a panicked state, admits to injecting Elden with the black goo. Angela, disgusted with Francis' actions and orders the crew to seize him. She charges him with a violation of Weyland-Yutani corporate criminal code: misconduct of ship officers.

The crew is met with a Helios completely surrounded by Xenomorphs, terrorizing those trapped inside. Angela suggests that Galgo and fellow members Piper and Higgins return to the Perses to use the ship to drive off the aliens using it's weaponry, whilst putting Francis in lockdown.

Whilst waiting for Galgo's backup, Angela and others witness an unhinged Elden approach the surrounded Helios and the Xenomorphs allow him to open the hatch to the ship. As the Xenomorphs flood into the ship, Galgo contacts Angela, telling her that he, Piper and Higgins took a vote to abandon the rest of the crew and take off from the moon, leaving the devastated captain with a "good luck down there. And goodbye".

What's left of the crew of the Helios manage to escape on ATVs and they regroup with Angela's crew on the juggernaut. Angela contacts crewmember Treynor back on the Kadmos in the Geryon for evac, but Galgo, Piper and Higgins board the ship and murder him, knowing that if Angela and the rest survived, the three would obviously be "court-martialed".

The rest retreat into the Juggernaut, with the Xenomorphs in hot pursuit.

Angela and the group become ambushed by Xenomorphs. The creatures slaughtered the remaining members and only Angela and fellow crewmembers Chris and Jill survive. They retreat back to Derrick Russel's cave and set up camp.

With Ahab and Galgo's help, the group managed to survive for days, setting up a make shift base and awaiting for rescue.


Angela had a snarky and sarcastic personality which was usually aimed at Galgo, and the two constantly bickered and exchanged insults. Despite her deception, she cares greatly for her crew and attempts to save them all, even Elden, a construct Synthetic who recently rampaged due to the side effects of the accelerent.