"What the hell...?"
Carrier (from Aliens: Rogue)

Andy Carrier[3] was a member of the kitchen staff[3] working at Charon Base. As well as his official employment at the facility, Carrier earned a significant sideline in grave robbing, pilfering the bodies of dead convicts left in the network of tunnels below the base for gold teeth and jewellery.

While exploring the tunnels, Carrier discovered a secret laboratory inside which Professor Kleist stored the still-living severed heads of the missing civilians he used as hosts for his Xenomorph research subjects. Carrier's discovery saw him share the same fate, becoming the host for Kleist's ultimate creation, the Rogue.[1]


Grave robbing[]

Carrier worked in the kitchens at Charon Base. He first learned of the dead bodies left in the tunnels beneath the station whilst playing poker with a man who had worked on construction during the conversion of the base from a prison camp to a scientific research facility. Carrier began hunting for the corpses during his time off, curious to know whether he had been told the truth or merely a fanciful rumor. Although revolted when he first discovered one of the mummified bodies, he eventually took to hunting and looting the bodies for any valuables they might still possess — chiefly their frequent gold fillings and occasional rings or other jewellery.[3] The regular layout of the tunnels made it easy for him to search systematically, and the profits from his endeavors made the time-consuming task worthwhile. With some three years before he was due to return to Earth,[4] Carrier welcomed the additional income his hobby brought him.

Gruesome discovery[]

Upon descending to a new level in the abandoned tunnels, deeper into the asteroid than he had ever been before, Carrier discovered a secret, hidden laboratory, and with it perhaps Professor Kleist's most gruesome secret — the Xenomorphs being bred in his lab were not born from cloned torsos, as Kleist claimed, but rather were gestating inside the dismembered bodies of the disappeared inhabitants of Charon Base, victims who were still alive through the entire ordeal, their bodies linked to their severed heads that were being preserved and kept alive in the very lab Carrier had stumbled upon. Carrier quickly realised that Charlie, one of his friends who had supposedly returned to Earth six months previously, was among the victims in the lab.

Unfortunately, Carrier's discovery of the hidden lab had not only been detected, it had been anticipated, and he was immediately caught by Larson and Kleist. After being subdued, he awoke to find himself another of the severed heads among those on the shelves in the lab. Despite his condition, he was still aware of the Xenomorph his dismembered torso had been impregnated with, and was able to feel the infant Rogue that was gestating inside his body in Kleist's breeding lab.[1]


  • In the original comic, Carrier's name is given as Paulie Finn. He also has his throat cut by one of Larson's men as soon as he is discovered, whereas in the novel he is kept alive to become another of the decapitated heads on the shelves.