"I've heard of shit like this; sign up for a tour colonizing the outer rim and then once you're in hypersleep, BAM! Sold off as human guinea pigs to some fucked up corporate pricks"
Andrews (from Stasis Interrupted)

Andrews was a colonist who, in 2179, was kidnapped while in hypersleep by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and taken aboard the USS Legato, presumably for the purpose of Xenomorph experimentation or breeding.

Andrews was killed when a Xenomorph Drone discovered him hiding inside a locker on the ship.


Early history[]

At some point prior to being kidnapped by Weyland-Yutani, Andrews took night programming courses, which he found practical, though he disliked the placement courses. He had also heard a rumour about colonists being abducted while on a tour in the outer rim and sold to corporations for experiments.

Despite this, Andrews and his girlfriend enrolled as colonists. But while in stasis, the two were brought aboard the Legato by Weyland-Yutani presumably to be used as hosts for Xenomorphs.

On the Legato[]

While attempting to find his girlfriend, Andrews met Lisbeth Hutchins after he watched a Lurker kill a PMC. Lisbeth asked Andrews what was going on to which he responded the same as Ethan did prior. Andrews then reveals that he came with his girlfriend and asked Lisbeth if she was alone, to which she told him about her parents. Andrews then promised to help Lisbeth find her parents. 

The two then entered a Weyland-Yutani lab and Andrews used a computer to locate his girlfriend Lisbeth's parents after she told him her surname. He then told Lisbeth to pick up a headset so they could communicate and a motion tracker to find her way to her parents. Lisbeth inquired as to how he knew how to operate all the tech stuff and he told her about how he took late-night computer programming courses. 


As Andrews tried to open the exit in the locker room they just entered, he heard something in the vents and quickly told Lisbeth to hide, doing so himself as well. A Drone jumped down into the room and almost discovered Lisbeth in her locker, but Andrews made a sound, alerting the Drone who then ripped the door off his locker and killed him with a Headbite


  • Andrews' screams before his death are derived from the Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 2011 demo, when a Marine is grabbed by an Alien from the vents and pulled into them.
  • Andrews is voiced by J. B. Blanc, who also voiced Ethan.




  1. Alien 3 starts on August 8.