"I'll take what I can get."
―Cpl. Harrison (from Aliens versus Predator 2)

Corporal Andrew Harrison, nicknamed "Frosty", was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was stationed aboard the USS Verloc, dispatched to LV-1201 to investigate the Weyland-Yutani facilities there following a Xenomorph outbreak.

Harrison's nickname, "Frosty", stemmed from his ability to stay "cool" in very hot engagements. It was also suggested that Frosty had poor luck with women, as evidenced when he tried to hit on Dunya and Tomiko.


Alongside his Marine unit, Harrison was deployed from the USS Verloc to the planet LV-1201 to investigate the Weyland-Yutani facilities there, in preparation for a larger force, the 6th Battalion, that would eventually reinforce the current Marine unit. Unfortunately, the mission went awry when the Marines encountered unexpectedly high Xenomorph resistance, resulting in many casualties. Harrison would have to face and defeat a Yautja (Predator) during this mission. Harrison was separated from his unit multiple times, but eventually regrouped with his unit at a Weyland-Yutani facility. With the Marines currently unable to access interstellar communications, commanding officer Major McCain negotiated Weyland-Yutani Iron Bear mercenary commander General Rykov to allow Harrison to use a communications console at the facility. Unfortunately, Harrison is betrayed, being rendered unconscious by mercenary Dunya and thrown into a jail cell. Meanwhile, his fellow Marines are unaware of his fate, being told that a convict escaped and killed Harrison.

Harrison eventually escapes confinement and encounters a corporate scientist named Tomiko. She tells Harrison that the primary corporate facilities on LV-1201 are engaged in horrific experiments and illegal research, and that the Marines are being led to their death by false corporate intelligence that leads to a heavy Xenomorph nest. After completing an errand for Tomiko, she leads Harrison to another smaller communication facility that allows him to contact the USS Verloc and rescue the embattled Marines.

Descending into the Xenomorph hive in a heavily armed exosuit, Harrison fights his way through to the Marines. With the help of a dropship and its rocket barrage, Harrison kills the Xenomorph Queen and helps the remaining Marines to embark on the dropship and get to safety.

But before Harrison can get the dropship to rescue Tomiko, she tells the dropship to get to a safe distance. She then triggers a self-destruction sequence that destroys the entire core Weyland-Yutani facility, sacrificing herself to prevent any more horrors from escaping the primary facilities.

With Harrison and the remaining Marines safely aboard the USS Verloc, Major McCain sends a message recommending the scheduled deployment of 6th Battalion reinforcements be aborted altogether, as the situation on-planet is now completely chaotic. Having gone above and beyond the call of duty in his heroic efforts, Harrison finally gets some rest on board the Verloc while the ship journeys away from LV-1201.

Personality and Traits[]

Not much of Andrew Harrison's background is revealed, but is characterized by a refusal to abandon his fellow Marines. Other than combat, he specializes in electronics and is also qualified to pilot an elite exosuit. It is also mentioned by Major McCain and other marines that Harrison is nicknamed "Frosty" for being calm and cool-headed in the face of extremely dangerous situations (e.g. attempting a solo rescue while being chased by a large swarm of Xenomorphs). It is also suggested that Frosty has had poor luck with women, characterized in his attempts to flirt with Dunya and Tomiko.


Harrison initially starts off with the standard Marine weapon loadout of a pistol, combat knife, shotgun, and M41 pulse rifle, but eventually amasses a large arsenal of weaponry including a grenade launcher, minigun, Smartgunsniper rifle even a rocket launcher. He is also equipped with a small radio communicator, hacking device, flares, welding torch, shoulder-mounted flashlight, and an advanced Heads-Up Display (HUD) equipped with a motion tracker and night-vision visors.

For most of the game he is seen to wear a mercenary uniform, despite him wearing his personal Marine uniform in the first three levels. Whatever happened to his personal uniform is unknown, though it is likely to have been disposed of by corporate mercenaries to hide any evidence of wrongdoing.


  • Harrison is the playable Marine character in the 2001 video game Aliens versus Predator 2.
  • "Frosty" shares his nickname with another character in the Alien franchise — Private Ricco "Frosty" Frost from Aliens.
  • Of the three playable characters in Aliens versus Predator 2, Harrison is the only one not to appear in 2230; his campaign begins on January 6, 2231 and only lasts around 24 hours, as opposed to over a month in the case of Prince and the Drone. It is also the only story without an opening scene set long before the events of the game (the Predator and Alien campaigns feature opening cutscenes set in 2211 and 2222, respectively).
  • Harrison's character model seen operating the Power Loader in the cutscene at the beginning of the Marine campaign is reused for a cutscene during the first Alien mission. He can be found in the Aurora's landing bay with noclip mode in the beginning of the mission.
  • In multiplayer, Harrison's class is 'Specialist' and his class weapons are Combat knife, M4A4 Pistol, Shotgun and M56 Smartgun.




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