Andrea Rollins was a Weyland-Yutani Corporation employee.



Andrea is presumably a high ranking employee within the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and reports to someone called Lorne Lannister. After discovering the existence of Xenomorphs on LV-178, she hires mercenaries to kidnap Alan Decker so that she could exploit his empathic ability to capture a Xenomorph. To this end she makes threats toward his children to force his cooperation. The mission succeeds but in an unexpected way, as while the team manages to capture one live adult Xenomorph they also unintentionally procure two Facehuggers which are already attached to hosts Adams and Elway. While she tells Manning that she intends to help them, Decker believes that they won't be saved, likely just used to breed the Xenomorphs.


Andrea is a ruthless and cold-hearted woman who employs threats and under-handed tactics in getting what she wants, her behavior even disturbs Manning, who himself is somewhat amoral. Emotionally wise, Decker wasn't able to pick up any emotion from her, meaning that she either has no emotional capability similar to a sociopath, or has considerable control over her emotions or is actually an android.


  • The author of sea of sorrows states that one of the characters is actually an android, and considering that Decker is unable to read anything from, her and considering Weyland-Yutani's penchant for using androids, its possible that Andrea Rollins is an android.
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