"Look alive, Private! You're in some serious shit."
―The Commander to Anderson (from Aliens versus Predator)

Private Anderson[2] was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was stationed at the Weyland-Yutani research facility built around the derelict ship on LV-426, and was involved in the Xenomorph outbreak there in 2189.


On LV-426[]

After waking from a nightmare in which he is being impregnated by a Facehugger, Anderson found the reality around him was almost as bad; Xenomorphs had broken out in the research complex on LV-426 and were slaughtering the Colonial Marines stationed there. Under the guidance of his commanding officer, he quickly made his way through the derelict at the center of the research facility and into the adjacent colony, which was now deserted. After restoring power and systems at the complex, he was able to open the main gate and flee to a waiting APC.

However, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation refused to arrange an evacuation dropship unless Anderson entered the nearby Atmosphere Processing Plant and deactivated its coolant systems, evidently in the hope the resultant explosion would eliminate the Xenomorphs that were on the moon. After successfully completing his objective, a dropship collected him from the processor's landing pad and evacuated him from LV-426.

In orbit[]

The dropship took Anderson to the USS Odobenus, a space station orbiting LV-426. The Xenomorph infestation had somehow spread here too, and to make matters worse, shortly after Anderson's arrival a Yautja vessel destroyed the dropship and docked with the station. As a result, Anderson was forced to fight his way across the station to an escape pod, encountering and slaying two Predators and several Xenoborg prototype cyborgs along the way.

The escape pod delivered Anderson to the nearby USS Tyrargo, but once again he discovered the Xenomorph infestation was one step ahead of him; the Tyrargo was completely overrun, and the entire crew had either been killed or fled the ship. After fighting his way through massive Xenomorph resistance, including several Praetorians, Anderson encountered and defeated another Predator in a hanger bay. Anderson's commander then informed him that Weyland-Yutani thanked him for his services, but they had elected not to rescue him at this time.

Facing the Queen[]

"Not much time, so listen up. I'm opening the hangar door. Hurry, Marine! Move your ass outta there!"
―The Commander to Anderson (from Aliens versus Predator)

Almost immediately Anderson came under attack from a Predalien. After killing the creature, Anderson's commander, refusing to leave the Private to die, countermanded Weyland-Yutani's orders and opened an access door so that Anderson could escape. After killing more Xenomorphs and Praetorians, Anderson found himself in a large hangar at the bottom of the ship, where he came face-to-face with the Xenomorph Queen. Unable to penetrate the Queen's hide with his Pulse Rifle, Anderson was forced to find an alternate means of killing the creature. After disengaging the safety locks, he opened the hangar's airlock, sealing himself inside a small alcove just in time to watch the Queen get sucked into outer space and to her death. As Anderson watches the Queen get sucked out of the ship, he fails to notice the Xenomorph slime dripping behind him.

After defeating the Queen, Anderson's fate is not known.


Anderson was equipped with a standard M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet and M3 Pattern Personal Armor with green camouflage and a "padlocked heart" insignia on it (similar to that worn by Dwayne Hicks). His armor also features a skull symbol (similar to William Hudson). His weapons are variable, with the M41 Pulse Rifle being his main weapon.


  • Anderson is the playable Marine character in the 1999 video game Aliens versus Predator.
  • Anderson's name is only made known in the opening cutscene to the marine campaign as seen on his chest. From then on no reference to his name is made again.
  • In the Atmosphere Processing Plant, Weyland-Yutani refuses to send a dropship down to evacuate Anderson unless deactivated the plant's coolant systems for the resulting explosion to hopefully exterminate them. Canonically, this would go against Weyland-Yutani interests in preserving the Xenomorphs at the plant for study.




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  2. Although only ever called "Private" in-game, Anderson's name is seen written on his armor chest plate in the opening cutscene