The Ancient Predator is the playable Yautja character in the 2002 video game Aliens versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt.


He arrived on the planet LV-1201, along with his clan, in 1730 in order to hunt game. He encountered a verdant world, full of dangerous prey including a carnivorous, moose-like creature (Buhlagh), a hulking, bipedal reptile capable of disguising itself as part of the terrain (Chameleons), and a wormlike organism which attacked from underground (Tentacle). Quickly, however, the Predator discovered more dangerous prey: Xenomorphs. The Predator followed them to their hive, through ancient Engineer ruins, where he discovered and activated an ancient artifact which had the power to keep Xenomorphs at bay.

Eight months later, the Predators had built a sort of hunting lodge or base camp around the Artifact from which to organize hunts deeper into the hive. The Ancient descended, with some companions, deeper into the hive, in search of the Xenomorph queen. However, an alarm from the facility cut their hunt short. The Predators returned to the facility to find it overrun by Xenomorphs; the artifact had been powered down. The Predator fought through hordes of Xenomorphs, restored power to the artifact, and then attempted to restore power to Pilot-built stasis fields keeping bays of Xenomorph eggs from hatching. While manually repairing one field generator, the Predator was surprised by a Facehugger and both were caught in the newly-activated field.

The Predator awakens five hundred years later when the field is deactivated. He recovers his bio-helmet and makes his way to the now-ruined Artifact Chamber, where Dunya is making off with the Artifact. He pursues her through the infested ruins of the Predator facility. Finally, he tracks her to the Pods. He infiltrates Pod 5, inadvertently allowing hundreds of Xenomorphs inside with him. He hacks into the human systems to learn the location of the Artifact, which he retrieves. He then breaks into a communications room and transmits a signal to his fellow Predators in the Nodus Secundus system, nine weeks away. Immediately after sending the transmission, the Predator laughs to his death when the Xenomorph Chestburster (the Predalien) incubating inside him bursts from his ribcage. The signal was subsequently caught by the Prince and his clan, explaining their appearance on LV-1201.



  • The Ancient Predator is the only playable character in the video game series that can be killed by another playable character in the same game (the Predalien); in fact, not only is it possible, it is mandatory to progress in the game.
  • The Ancient Predator is the only known Yautja to kill several Praetorians after being facehugged.
  • The insides of the Ancient Predator's torso are a recolored version of Cisco's.
  • Prince's Clan Mother Ship looks very similar to the one depicted in Predator 2, suggesting that this could be the same clan as the Los Angeles hunting party. Also, both are active since the 18th century as it's first suggested by the flintock pistol and then depicted in the 1996 comic Predator: 1718 in the case of City Hunter's Clan and depicted in Primal Hunt during the first alien level and the first and second predator levels in the case of Prince's Clan. Note that Primal Hunt came out in 2002 while Prey come out in 2022, so it could only be referencing Predator 2 and the 1996 comic. Since the same model of Mother Ship is used for both the original game and the expansion, it's suggested that the Ancient Predator belonged to this clan and, thus, he could have been a companion of Golden Angel.




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