Kaail wearing the face of an Amengi.

The Amengi were once an independent species. They originally ruled over the Hish, before subsequently being enslaved by them in a large uprising.[1]



The Amengi were a planet conquering race of insectoid aliens, who, having exhausted their own home world's resources, would invade other planets to strip them of their resources and enslave their inhabitants.[1]

Thousands of years ago, the Amengi invaded the planet of Yautja Prime, subsequently enslaving the primitive natives known as the 'Hish'. The Amengi ruled over the Hish ruthlessly, using them for slave labor, food, and a means of entertainment (specifically for hunts or fighting competitions).[1]

Militarily soft from centuries of luxury, the Amengi were suddenly subject to a massive slave uprising, led by the unusually intelligent Hish known as Kaail. Despite their advanced technology, they were thoroughly overwhelmed by the rebels, and slaughtered. The remaining Amengi themselves were subsequently enslaved by the Hish, who seized their advanced technology and used it for their own.[1]


They are an insectoid race that, to a human, would resemble man-sized cockroaches fitted with various technological devices. They have "double lobed" heads and wings that are clipped when they are infants. They have six limbs overall; two sets of back legs and set of arms with opposable "hooks" used for manipulation. They feed on a honey-like substance.[2]


Shesh-Kuk describes them as "technically fixated", indicating that the Amengi are a highly advanced race. For instance, the Mind-Prober was built by the Amengi, for the Hish. The Amengi appear to be naturally stimulated by puzzles and problems, and thus, are described as thriving in their enslavement by the Hish.


  • The Amengi's design is based off of the original scrapped insectoid design for the Jungle Hunter from the 1987 film.

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