Amblin was a Major in the United States Army. He is characterized by his curly red hair and mustache. A calculated and loyal comrade, he takes military command very seriously and the chain of command is held very prominent to his beliefs. He is an occasional smoker and is seen wearing the same uniform that is shared by all military personnel under Colonel Trench. He carries binoculars and a phone-in radio device for keeping in touch with the command post. He is somewhat proud of his regiments as well as jumping to conclusions and relies very heavily on military prowess and capabilities. He underestimates the opponent at times and is confident that military personnel can deal with any conflict.


Major Amblin led a military campaign during 1991 at the Cole Army Base in Cibola County, Agate, New Mexico against a Yautja hunter. Directly above Corporal Enoch Nakai by rank, he believed that the aerial photographs taken from an earlier explosion were causer by a nuclear weapon. The actual cause of the explosion was a detonation of the spacecraft via the Predator's own self-destruct system on his gauntlet.

After guiding Amblin and Colonel Trench to the Predator's location, Corporal Enoch Nakai loses his temper and immediately fires a bazooka which tips off the Predator. As the Predator evades the chaotic attack, both Amblin and Trench suggest that he be kept away from the remainder of the operation due to his emotional sentiment attached to the mission jeopardizing the results of the campaign (Nakai's squad members were killed prior which fueled his anger against the Yautja to a personal level). Nakai is dismissed from his command until the matter is resolved.


Major Amblin shot by the Predator

Under the command of Colonel Trench, Major Amblin leads fourteen specially trained men on a search-and-destroy campaign that became an all-out assault against this Predator. Colonel Trench warns Nakai is not to interfere, albeit having knowledge of the Yautja's base of operations. Nakai disobeys the direct order and hijacks a Jeep, driving to Amblin's current location. Amblin receives a call to deal with Nakai upon his arrival. Amblin deploys an advance scout to locate the Predator and his soldiers Mayhew and Corales are eliminated by the Predator during these guerrilla warfare tactics, and Nakai shows up at their location. Amblin orders his arrest for disobeying orders and stealing army property.


Major Amblin crawls on the ground as he dies

Nakai attempts to warn Amblin of just how dangerous this opponent is, but Amblin goes ahead with an all-out assault against the beast, commanding a dual mounted helicopter with heavy artillery to open fire against the Predator. Missiles are launched against the Yautja, but the hunter manages to evade the assault and return fire, decimating the armored helicopter in midair. As the Yautja hunter unleashes a slew of blasts that exterminate the remainder of the crew with rays of light in multiple directions in simultaneous precision, Amblin notices that Nakai is fleeing the scene.

Major Amblin yells at Corporal Nakai to return and "fight like a man!" Nakai continues to flee in order to recuperate and devise a strategy as Amblin continues to scream orders at him. In the midst of the chaos, Amblin is gunned down by the Predator's ray. directly slicing through him from behind as he is stunned and heavily wounded by the attack. Amblin crawls on the ground in a pool of his own blood, calling out to Nakai "I'm coming for you, Nakai! Nakai! Do you hear me?! Nakai! Nah...Kaaii..." as he is left to die a grisly demise on the ground, crawling and calling out with the last remnants of his voice before meeting his grueling fate. Nakai watches from the fields of grass with fear-stricken worry as Amblin's voice disappears into the night.