The Alpha Predator was a Hish-qu-Ten who lived and served in the Amengi ruled society before he led it's rebellion. After the rebellion concluded, he was known as the "First Hunter", "Alpha Predator", and is a figure of legend in Hish society.


The Alpha Predator, who's real name is Kaail (meaning rage in Hish), started life as a slave to the insectoid race known as the Amengi along with the rest of his race. Abnormally intelligent, he appeared loyal to the Amengi, but in reality, he was forming a rebellion against his cruel masters. In a bloody war, Kaail and his allies slaughtered the Amengi, finally freeing his people. The technology left behind from the Amengi would lay the ground work for the Yautja society, who would also hunt and take trophies, just as Kaail did with the Amengi. Henceforth, he would forever be known as the first hunter and a hero to his people. He is the Alpha Predator, the One who Freed Territory. [citation needed]


Behind the scenes

The Alpha Predator was designed by NECA to commemorate their 100th predator figure and was included as a class in Predator: Hunting Grounds to promote the figure. the armor design was based on the original predator design from when Van Damme was set to play it. The class is now obtainable for free when you reach level 100 in game as well as with a code included in the packaging of the figure.



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