Allen Nunis is an American comic book and roleplaying game artist who provided interior art for the comic Aliens: Colonial Marines for Dark Horse Comics.


In the comics and roleplaying game field, Nunis is known primarily for his work with the Star Wars franchise, at first for roleplaying game materials from West End Games and then for comic books from Dark Horse Comics.

At the time a five year veteran of the roleplaying game field including work for industry leader West End, Nunis had become a regular contributor to Star Wars roleplaying game materials.

This led to a transition to the comics field with Dark Horse's acquisition of the Star Wars comics license in the early 1990s. Nunis went to work assisting with new fill-in and cover artwork to accompany Dark Horse's "Classic Star Wars" republishing of the original Star Wars comic strips by legendary creators Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson, of whom Nunis was a protege.

Other assignments at Dark Horse followed, including his work on Aliens: Colonial Marines and more Star Wars illustration. Nunis was eventually chosen as the artist for the first story arc of Dark Horse's X-Wing Rogue Squadron series, "The Rebel Opposition", and for the Star Wars installment in the Decade of Dark Horse anthology series through 1996.

Nunis' Star Wars work lead him to draw a card for the Topps Star Wars Galaxy cards series, which in turn lead to more comics work when Topps started its own comics line in the mid 1990s. Nunis provided artwork for a number of Topps Comics horror series such as The Frankenstein Dracula War and Jason Goes to Hell, and was an inker on the Topps run of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

He also inked the horror issue Strange Combat Tales #1 from Eclipse Comics in 1993, among other miscellaneous work.

By the late 1990s and early 2000s, Nunis had returned to working mostly on roleplaying game materials for such franchises as BattleTech, Travellers and other GURPS.


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