Allan Jefferson is a Brazilian comic book artist who worked on the comic Predators: Preserve the Game for Dark Horse Comics.


A relative newcomer to the American comics industry, Jefferson has nonetheless racked up a number of impressive credits to his name over the past two years including work on Justice League America for DC Comics and his current role as artist on War Machine for Marvel Comics.

He also illustrated Crosshair for Top Cow Comics' recent Pilot Season of prospective new series to be voted on by fans for continuation.

Like a number of creators who have worked on the recent Predators movie tie-ins for Dark Horse, Jefferson is represented by comics artist agency Space Goat Productions, run by Shon C. Bury.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Jefferson was inspired to go into the comics field by his mother--who used to drawings of horses--and his uncle, an illustrator. Both he and his brother pursued art, but Jefferson stuck with it. Influenced by Anime, Jefferson started drawing Manga for a local paper for little money in the 1990s. In 1997, Jefferson attended a local book convention where he met other professional artists, which re-excited his drive to enter the field. He redoubled his efforts and built up his portfolio.

Finally, bolstered by support from his then girlfriend, Jefferson attended another convention with representatives from DC Comics in attendance reviewing portfolios. Along with dozens of others hopefuls, Jefferson was allowed to show them 7 pages of sample artwork. After reviewing his work, they hired him to do an issue of Justice League America.

Jefferson was then able to land with local Brazilian comics art agency, Sequential Studios, which was forming a partnership with Space Goat Productions, who in turn had inroads to work with Dark Horse.

He is eagerly looking forward to future projects and hopes to work on Fantastic Four and Supernatural some day.


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