Below is a list of all weapons, both human and Yautja, that are available to the player in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.

Human Weapons[]

There are six weapons available to Colonial Marine characters. The player's sidearm in the game is permanently equipped and cannot be discarded. Up to two other weapons can be carried in addition to this, with the player able to switch these weapons out for new ones dependant on the situation or their personal preference. An exception is the M59/B Smartgun, which takes up both primary weapons slots, meaning any other weapons (apart from the player's pistol) must be discarded in order to use it.

W-Y VP78 Pistol[]

Main article: VP78 Pistol

Based on the Beretta 93R. Weyland-Yutani-manufactured military pistol. Holds 18 rounds. Capable of either single shot or three-round burst fire. It contains unlimited reserve ammunition and it serves as the player character's sidearm.

Armat M41A/2 Pulse Rifle[]

Main article: M41A/2 Pulse Rifle

Updated version of the M41A seen in Aliens. Incorporates a refined grenade launcher and an increased 99-round capacity in an overall sleeker design.

W-Y ZX-76 Shotgun[]

Main article: ZX-76 Shotgun

Double barrel pump-action shotgun. Holds 8 rounds. Fires single shots as standard, but is also capable of unloading both barrels simultaneously for a devastating close-range blast.

Armat M42C Scoped Rifle[]

Main article: M42C Scoped Rifle

Sniper/marksman rifle with a medium-powered scope. Holds 6 rounds. Incredibly powerful but limited by a slow rate of fire and high recoil.

M59/B Smartgun[]

See: M56 Smartgun

Updated version of the M56 seen in Aliens. Incorporates an updated tracking system that no longer relies on infra-red allowing for the successful targeting of Xenomorph threats. Tracking systems can be toggled off for increased firepower at the cost of manual aiming. It holds 150 rounds inside the drum. The Smartgun is not available in competitive multiplayer matches.

W-Y M260B Flamethrower[]

Main article: M260B Flamethrower

Military-spec flamethrower. Capable of firing an unignited stream of fuel that can be lit subsequently to create a devastating wall of flame. It contains 250 units of fuel inside the tank.

Predator Weapons[]

There are five weapons available to Predator characters. Unlike Marine weaponry, all of the available Predator weapons can be carried simultaneously (once discovered) and as such cannot be discarded.


Main article: Wristblades

Serrated blades from the back of a Yautja's wrists. It is the only melee weapon that they can use. These blades are powerful enough to decapitate both human and Xenomorph species. It is also used as an apparatus to perform lethal finishing moves with it. Predators can perform either rapid light attacks or a heavy attack with a noticeable windup.

Plasma Caster[]

Main article: Plasma Caster

Another of the main weapon of the Yautja, the Plasma Caster is a lethal shoulder-mounted energy weapon powered by plasma. Requires one bar of energy to use instantly. It can also be charged to fire a powerful plasma blast, but it requires 4 bars of energy to function.

Smart Disc[]

Main article: Smart Disc

An extremely-sharp thrown weapon that can deal massive damage if used properly. When thrown, it can be guided to alter the disc's course mid-air. It will always return back to the player, regardless if it actually returns back to the player or not. It can also bounce after hitting solid surfaces. It does not consume any energy. Only one Smart Disc can be thrown at once.

Predator Remote Mines[]

See: Remote Mines

Plasma-charged mines which can be detonated at a hunter's discretion. It can be used as traps for oncoming Xenomorphs or human personnel. Consumes 4 bars of energy to utilize and throw one. Multiple mines can be created and be detonated at once, detonating the mines will not consume any energy.


Main article: Combistick

A favorite among hunters, the Combistick is a spear that must be thrown with precision. It is very deadly, and outright kill or heavily injure prey once the spear hits the target. However, it cannot be guided, unlike the Smart Disc. It never runs out nor use charge.