The following is a list of glitches that can be found in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.

Singleplayer Glitches[]

Alien glitches[]

  • Sometimes on the first level, after you follow Groves' finger, Groves won't leave the room and you may be stuck in the restraints, unless the Scientist accompanying Groves lets you out.
  • During the level Jungle when you get to the room where 6 attempts to kill a Marine (the second building in the compound), if you go to the door where the Marine is facing a sentry gun just left by the gate will kill you. Before and after you are given your orders, the turret is shut down. This is probably because the door isn't really meant to be opened by the player. So when the door opens the game spawns the Marine with the shotgun and it immediately kills you. Technically this cannot be called a glitch.
  • During the final boss fight with Wolf, sometimes the music will not play or the health bar will be missing.
  • Sometimes attacks will not connect showing you hitting that character but they took no damage or were stunned.
  • When trying a finishing move when you stab them in their eyes you will still see some of your outer teeth.
  • When preforming a stealth kill on a predator (and succeeding) their mask will still be attached to them
  • Your fingers and tail will phase through walls.
  • During the Jungle mission, if you kill the marine that a Facehugger is scripted to attack, then said creature will attach to one of the other two marines but because its not scripted, they will not be attached properly i.e side ways on the face. Also scripted events where Facehuggers are already on host's faces such as the scientist in the chair or the marine on the floor during the first encounter with the parasites, the Facehuggers will not be pulsating like those on the harvested's faces.
  • In the jungle level and beyond in the campaign, your shadow will show the shadow of a Praetorian, despite other cut scenes.

Predator glitches[]

  • In the first level (after the tutorial) your elder may not speak making you incapable of leaving the beginning.
  • Aliens may occasionally stealth kill you but this is very rare.
  • When searching for the ancient wristbracer in the labs the ground may dissapear and you will fall to your death.
  • During the Predalien boss fight it will run after you and may not give chase as it is busy running into a wall which allows the level to be beaten even quicker. However when the player has gotten to the point where it goes to bring down the arena, it will leave.
  • Sometimes if thrown into the lava the Predalien will stay under and not bring down the arena.
  • After the Predalien dies the game may think you died and force you to start over.
  • You can kill the Abomination during the final time it tries to bring down the temple (easiest with plasmacaster), the Abomination will then die and you will still see the temple falling apart, but then it will start the next cutscene. Technically this cannot be called a glitch.

Marine glitches[]

  • Sometimes even if you have a grenade or not you will fire one usually with it resulting in your demise.
  • Sometimes the doors leading into the research lab won't open.
  • Before you are cornered by Weyland's androids and before you kill the two Praetorians, on top of the stairs go all the way back to the door, the aliens won't come after you.

Multiplayer Glitches[]

  • Sometimes the motion tracker will take a few seconds to appear but still makes the noise.
  • Sometimes when using a stealth kill or a kill move from the front, the CG kill scene will be skipped and the victim will just fall down dead.
  • In C-Block, the player may fall through the floor in the first hallway. You don't die. Your bullets and light goes through the floor but nothing can get you, except acid.
  • In the Pyramid even when a wall is shut e.g., staircase sometimes you can still access the other room.
  • In the Jungle map, if you jump to a specific tree branch and run into the tree, you will become stuck into the tree and will not take any damage even though you can shoot them. The only way you can die is if someone shoots explosive weapons at the tree.
  • If you are playing the Predator and have the Smart Disk equipped. When 2 circles appear on the reticle, it means a player is in that direction. This works on both friendlies and enemies but has a range.


  • Coincidentally, Yautja that is in their full armor like Hunter and Dark will occasionally have half of it, effectively making them look like their movie and game counterparts.