Aliens vs. Predator: Old Secrets is a comic book short story that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in Aliens vs. Predator: Annual #1 in July 1999. It was written, pencilled and inked by Alex Maleev, colored by Staissi Brandt, lettered by Clem Robins and edited by Philip Amara.


In Eastern Europe, a priest reveals the truth about the ancient tale of St. George and the Dragon, which actually involves Aliens and Predators.

Reprint History

Aliens vs. Predator: Old Secrets was eventually collected as part of Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1 in June 2007.

The comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on February 13, 2013, collected with Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal and reusing Glenn Fabry's cover art from Eternal issue #1.

Behind the Scenes

Alex Maleev was also the artist on the miniseries Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal, which was written by Ian Edginton, writer of Aliens vs. Predator: Chained to Life and Death, another of the stories included in Aliens vs. Predator: Annual #1. Maleev is most well known in mainstream comics for his work on Marvel's Daredevil.


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