Aliens vs. Predator: Bradygames Official Strategy Guide is a strategy guide for the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator, written by Tim Bogenn and published by DK/BradyGames.


As with all BradyGames guides, the book is predominantly a walkthrough for the game's singleplayer mode, including general tips on mastering the very different play styles of the Alien, Marine and Predator protagonists, as well as instructions, tips and strategies to beat each of the game's three campaigns. To this end, it provides overhead maps of each of the game's levels, along with in-game images and extensive annotations. The guide also reveals the locations of the various collectible items — Royal Jelly canisters, audio logs and trophy belts — as well as a small amount of additional background information regarding the plot and characters that was not included in the game itself.

A smaller section at the end of the guide also provides some general tips for the game's multiplayer mode, including a brief overview of each of the game's multiplayer levels (including several levels only released later as DLC).




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