Below is a list of all human weapons that are available to the player in the 2001 video game Aliens versus Predator 2 and its expansion pack Primal Hunt. There are six weapons available to Colonial Marine characters.

Combat Knife

Main article: Combat Knife

Heavy combat knife for hand-to-hand fighting.

M4A4 Pistol

Based on the Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0. Semi-automatic pistol that can be loaded with either dum-dum or armor-piercing rounds. Can be dual-wielded in Primal Hunt.


Based on the Mossberg 590. Pump-action shotgun. Can be loaded with either traditional buckshot or solid slugs for slightly increased range and damage.

Armat M41A Pulse Rifle

Main article: M41A Pulse Rifle

The venerable M41A Pulse Rifle as seen in Aliens. The mainstay of the Marine's arsenal.

WY-102 Railgun

Main article: WY-102 Railgun

Long-range sniper weapon. Features a high-powered scope for targeting enemies at long range.

M56 Smartgun

Main article: M56 Smartgun

Powerful machine gun with target-tracking capabilities. However, due to its size and bulk, it slows the player down noticeably when equipped.

M-90 Minigun

Main article: M-90 Minigun

Very powerful gatling-style heavy machine gun. It requires several second to bring its rotating barrels up to speed before firing; the barrels can optionally be set to spin constantly even when not in use, allowing the user to fire instantly when needed, but the motor mechanism creates noise that can draw attention.

M240 Flamethrower

Main article: M240 Incinerator Unit

Military-grade flamethrower.

M92 Grenade Launcher

Main article: M92 Grenade Launcher

Based on the RG-6 grenade launcher. Multi-purpose grenade launcher that can accept a variety of ammunition types tailored to different situations.

M6B Rocket Launcher

Main article: M-6B Rocket Launcher

Capable of firing either guided or unguided rockets, this launcher is an incredibly destructive weapon.

Sentry Gun

Main article: UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun

In Primal Hunt, Sentry Guns can be moved and positioned in order to defend specific areas.

Turret Gun

In Primal Hunt, mounted, immovable turrets can be used to defend specific areas.


Main article: Exosuit

Extremely powerful combat mech armed with a minigun, rocket launcher, laser and flamethrower. Also amplifies the user's mobility and greatly increases their protection.