Aliens Omnibus Volume 1 is an upcoming hardcover collection to be published by Marvel Comics in April, 2021.[1] The book will feature cover art by Greg Land. Variant cover art is reused from Aliens: Outbreak #1 by Mark A. Nelson.

Publisher's summary

As Marvel prepares for a Xenomorph invasion, rediscover the comic book legacy of ALIENS! Familiar faces star in tales that expand on the movie mythos! As Hicks and Newt undertake a dangerous mission to destroy the creatures' homeworld, a deadly outbreak leaves Earth overrun with aliens! Billionaire Daniel Grant sets his sights on an alien queen, and scientist Stanislaw Mayakovsky must retrieve the galaxy's most precious substance: alien royal jelly! But can even Earth's finest fighting force, the Colonial Marines, hold off the most frightening and relentless creatures in all of film?

Stories included

Accusations of plagiarism

An image posted on Jones' Twitter comparing the visual similarities between his and Land's work.

Greg Land's cover art for the Omnibus had fallen under controversy after fellow artist Tristan Jones had accused him of tracing his work using several pieces of Jones' concept art for Aliens: Defiance.[2][3][4] Jones would subsequently post the evidence of multiple features of his sketches holding glaring similarities to Land's cover Xenomorph. A user later found similarities to the Egg in the bottom left corner of the cover to that of a replica of an Egg created by NECA.[5]



Variant cover


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