Aliens Omnibus: Volume 1 is a trade paperback published by Dark Horse Books on July 11, 2007.[1] It was part of the company's major Omnibus reissue program, which sought to collect and re-release the pre-existing comics from all of Dark Horse's major lines as easily-accessible trade paperbacks. As well as the Aliens comics, similar Omnibus volumes were also released for the Predator and Aliens vs. Predator lines.

Volume 1 collects the comics Outbreak, Nightmare Asylum, Female War, Theory of Alien Propagation and The Alien.

Publisher's Summary

Dark Horse Comics took the industry by storm with its release of Aliens, a comics series that for the first time captured the power of film source material and expanded its universe in a way that fans applauded worldwide. Now, the first three Dark Horse Aliens series — Outbreak, Nightmare Asylum and Female War — are collected in a value-priced, quality-format omnibus, featuring nearly four hundred story pages in full color. Written by screen and television scribe Mark Verheiden (The Mask, Battlestar Gallactica) and illustrated with consummate skill by Mark A. Nelson, Den Beauvais, and Sam Kieth, Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1 is an essential piece of the Aliens mythos and a great entry point into the storied Dark Horse Aliens library.


  • Several of the individual comics in the Omnibus releases had their titles altered; from Aliens Volume 1, Outbreak and Nightmare Asylum were both originally titled simply Aliens, while Female War was originally titled Earth War.
  • The image used on the cover of the omnibus is taken from the 1996 trade paperback release of Aliens: Outbreak, titled Aliens, Vol. 1: Outbreak.


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