Aliens 3D was a planned 3D attraction based on the film Aliens. It would have operated at the Everland theme park in South Korea.[1] Conceived by the creative team responsible for James Cameron's T2-3D: Battle Across Time, a similar attraction run at Universal Studios parks around the world, it would have been a combination of live-action show and 3D movie that would have immersed the audience in the experience.

Although the ride was never constructed, conceptual art, storyboards and the script for the attraction are included on the Anthology Archives disc of the Alien Anthology Blu-ray box set.


Aliens 3D was to be a combination of live show and 3D film, with a degree of seamless interaction between the two, similar in concept to the T2-3D: Battle Across Time attraction that first opened at Universal Studios Florida in 1996 and has since gone on to operate at other Universal Studios theme parks around the world. The majority of the show would have consisted of a specially-filmed 3D movie, accompanied by effects such as water sprays, air blasts and strobe lighting to accentuate the "scare" moments and immerse viewers in the experience. Towards the end of the film, the attraction would have transformed into a partially live-action experience, with actors appearing on stage as the characters from the film and interacting with the film elements.

The Attraction


The queue section of the ride would have been modelled after the futuristic military aesthetic of Aliens. Aside from the themed scenery and lighting, a female announcer would inform waiting patrons that they are aboard the vessel Titan in the year 2413, and that they should report to the command center for immediate briefing.[1] The queue area would be further embellished with sounds effects such as the deep throb of the vessel's engines and flashing emergency lighting.

Pre-show: mission briefing

From the queue area, patrons would move into the mission briefing room, which would have been extensively decorated with video screens displaying celestial data and security camera feeds, as well as a large USCM logo on one wall. Once the room was full, the briefing would begin, led by Lt. Col. James C. Scott.[1] Scott would inform those present that their intended mission — to land at the mining colony on Eridani III and pick up its inhabitants for return to Earth — has been abandoned following a distress signal from the base and the destruction of the main docking facilities. The assembled troops (patrons) are now tasked with investigating the situation, and warned that "alien life forms" may be present.[1]

Scott would then continue to play a briefing video on the many screens in the room. After a series of erratic helmet camera clips showing Marines being attacked by Xenomorphs, after which the video would continue with a voice that provides the audience with a brief but detailed examination of the Xenomorphs and their biology.[1] Finally, Scott would inform the audience that their mission is to find the colonists, evacuate them, and kill any hostile Xenomorphs they may encounter along the way. He would them usher the troops through into the command center, reminding them to collect a pair of infra-red goggles (in fact 3D glasses) once inside.

Main show: Operations Command Center

The command center itself would be a theater styled after a military command bunker. Once inside, patrons would be guided to their seats by armed Marine personnel while Scott would take to the stage and bring up the camera feeds from an advanced squad of Marines on the main screen at the front of the theater.[1]

This would commence the main element of the attraction, a 3D film in which a squad of Marines led by Lt. Kim begin their reconnaissance of the colony complex. Beginning with an animated wireframe map of the colony overlaid with various images of the individual Marines as they talk, it would eventually morph into a feature film presentation as they enter the complex and move through its various rooms and corridors, some of which have been turned into a Hive by the unseen Xenomorphs.[1] The team discovers several glass tubes containing Facehuggers — some of which lie smashed and empty on the floor — and one of the Marines, Rowe, is startled when one of the preserved creatures lunges at him inside its containment vessel (mirroring the similar scene with Burke in Aliens).

Immediately afterwards, the team's motion trackers begin picking up movement. They are quickly swarmed by Facehuggers that leap from the air shafts overhead. One such creature would leap out into the audience in 3D, and when Kim blasts it the audience would be sprayed with water to simulate its blood. The lights would then go out, both in the film and within the theater, leaving those watching with nothing but the sound of Facehuggers scurrying as they hunt for prey — jets of air from below would simulate the creatures brushing past the seated audience's legs. The Marines destroy the Facehuggers one by one, the strobe lighting of their weapon fire illuminating the theater.

After the battle, lighting would be restored and it would be revealed that a Marine named O'Connor is a synthetic, some of his artificial skin having been burned off by acid. Unmasked, Sergeant O'Connor would reveal that Weyland-Yutani have actually been cloning Xenomorphs at the colony in an attempt to study and control them, and that he has been programmed with a secondary objective — to recover a live sample. Before a serious argument can break out, the squad is startled by a muffled voice from nearby, and upon investigating they find a teenage boy cocooned to the wall, whom they quickly free. His name is Jason Greer.

The squad discovers the complex has been laced with C-4 explosives, and deduce that Jason's father, Weyland-Yutani's top geneticist on the project, is attempting to destroy the entire facility, and the Xenomorphs with it. On cue, the colony's computer would announce that the fusion core destruct sequence has been initiated, and that they have 15 minutes to reach minimum safe distance. They receive a transmission from Dr. Greer confirming what he has done, but are unable to respond. Distraught, Jason dives down a ventilation shaft in the floor, determined to find and save his father. Kim orders the rest of her squad back to the ship while she pursues Jason, although O'Connor insists on joining her.

Kim and O'Connor slide down the vent and arrive in a monorail station just in time to see Jason take off in a monorail car. The two Marines hijack another car and follow. Jason's car is attacked by Xenomorph Drones; he manages to fight one off with a fire extinguisher, while Kim and O'Connor blast the others with their Pulse Rifles from their own speeding car. However, one surviving creature manages to grab Jason and prepares to dispatch him with a Headbite — affording the audience a 3D view of its salivating jaws parting as it prepares to strike — but is saved at the last moment when the Marines shoot it dead. When another of the wounded creatures attempts to kill Jason, he accelerates the speeding monorail car into the end of the tunnel, crushing the Xenomorph against the wall and sending the car crashing through the wall.

At this point, the story would move into a live show featuring actors played out in the theater. Kim and O'Connor would enter on catwalks above before descending to the stage to investigate the wreckage of Jason's monorail car, while the screen would show the entrance to the complex's power core. The doors would part, revealing a lab filled with hundreds of Drone containment vessels, many of which were smashed and empty. Dr. Greer appears and confronts the Marines, reaffirming his determination to destroy the entire colony. As his son emerges from the monorail wreckage, several Xenomorphs appear on screen, attacking the window that seals them inside the lab. As they begin to break through, they are destroyed by automated gun turrets in the theater.

With only seconds to go until the destruct sequence activates, Dr. Greer frantically deactivates the countdown. However, at that moment the Queen would appear on the screen. Ordering the others to flee, the actor playing O'Connor would climb into a Power Loader at the side of the stage, which would then "enter" the film (presumably by way of a trapdoor set into the screen) and engage the Queen in a duel, much like Ripley at the end of Aliens. The Queen quickly overpowers and disables the Loader, before reaching through the screen and snatching up Kim, similarly dragging her into the film. She is saved when O'Connor grapples the Queen and hoists her into the air. Holding her fast, he orders the others to flee while he reactivates the colony's destruct protocol. As she departs, Kim solemnly salutes O'Connor, telling him, "Not bad, for a robot." Meanwhile, Connor tears an electrical conduit from the ceiling and jams it into the Queen's mouth, electrocuting her, moments before the destruct initiates and a 3D fireball explodes into the theater.

Finally, a brief epilogue was to show the Titan departing Eridani III, while Kim records the events of the mission in an audio log.



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