Aliens: Wraith is a one-shot comic book that was first published by Dark Horse Comics in July 1998. It was written by Jay Stephens, illustrated by Eduardo Risso, colored by Chris Chalenor, lettered by Clem Robins, and edited by Philip Amara and Ian Stude, with cover art by Ronnie del Carmen.

In the Aliens comics line, Aliens: Wraith was preceded by Aliens: Glass Corridor and Aliens: Stalker, and was followed by Aliens: Apocalypse.

Publisher's Summary

On Earth, or in the dark reaches of space, teenagers are concerned with one thing: meeting other teenagers. It's no different for Roarke, the latest arrival to the off-world agri-colony of Tirgu-Mires. He's making new friends fast, particularly with a young girl named Hope. But there's more to this farm colony than Roarke first suspected. Every town has a dark secret not spoken in the light of day. Tirgu-Mires' secret just happens to have sharp teeth, acid blood and a murderous hunger for human flesh.

Reprint History

Aliens: Wraith was eventually collected as part of Aliens Omnibus: Volume 6 in December 2008.

The comic was released digitally through Dark Horse Digital on September 11, 2013, reusing Ronnie del Carmen's cover art.

Behind the Scenes

Both interior artist Eduardo Risso and cover artist Ronnie del Carmen were veterans of the Aliens comics line at the time Wraith was released.

Risso had formerly worked on the comic adaptation Alien Resurrection, while del Carmen had been artist on the Herk Mondo stories Aliens: Mondo Pest and Aliens: Mondo Heat.

Argentinian artist Risso is also known as the critically acclaimed illustrator of the entire run of DC/Vertigo's 100 Bullets.


  • The planet Tirgu-Mires, home to the fourth generation agri-colony in Aliens: Wraith, also makes an appearance in a short story titled Aliens: Once in a Lifetime, a story that ties in with the Aliens: Apocalypse miniseries. Information given about Tirgu-Mires in both stories places the events of Wraith several decades, if not almost an entire century, after the events of Aliens: Once in a Lifetime and Apocalypse.


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