Aliens: The Original Years Volume 1 is a hardcover trade paperback comic book published by Marvel Comics on May 19, 2021. It was part of the company's Original Years reissue program, which aimed to collect and re-release all of the Aliens, Predator and Aliens vs. Predator comics published by Dark Horse prior to Marvel acquiring the licenses. The book was edited by Jennifer Grünwald and Daniel Kirchhoffer, with dustcover art by Greg Land and Frank D'Armata. Variant dustcover art was reused from Aliens: Outbreak #1 by Mark A. Nelson. The book also featured wraparound hardcover art reused from Aliens: Earth War trade paperback by John Bolton.

Publisher's Summary[]

Back cover[]

THE MOST RELENTLESS CREATURES in all of film spread terror across the galaxy in this hardcover collection of their earliest series, featuring faces both familiar and new. Their encounter with the aliens left Hicks and Newt scarred both physically and emotionally — and years later, they're determined to wipe out the species. But the military and big business have other ideas that could bring the xenomorphs to Earth — and if that happens, there may be little hope left for humanity. As war breaks out, the world needs heroes — so whatever happened to Ripley? Featuring Colonial Marines, synths, alien queens and more, these tales build on the lore established in the films — and take it in a horrifyingly different direction! Prepare to know fear like never before!

Inside flap[]

"They are not like us. We will never truly understand them."
Dr. Waidslaw Orona (from Theory of Alien Propagation)

IN 1979, terrified moviegoers were introduced to the alien — a creature of unknown origin, evolved to be natures perfect killing machine. This entity, which would come to be known as a xenomorph, slaughtered the crew of the USCSS Nostromo, leaving the resourceful Ellen Ripley as the sole survivor. She returned in 1986's Aliens to wage war on the xenomorphs — and their alien queen alongside allies including Croporal Hicks and a rescued girl named Newt. Then in 1988, the comic book Aliens picked up several years after the movie of the same name, beginning a line of titles that would considerably expand the mythos established on the silver screen.

When a salvage crew comes under attack from unstoppable monsters, the marines call in Hicks to help find and destroy the aliens once and for all — and he enlists the adolescent Newt to join him on his revenge mission. But not everyone wants to kill the xenomorphs, and events are set in motion that will lead first to an outbreak on Earth — and then to all-out war! Who better to join the fight for the fate of the planet than Ripley?

When a new world order emerges, others will vie to harness the xenomorphs to their own ends — including billionaire Daniel Grant and scientist Stanislaw Mayakovsky. But each will learn the hard way that the aliens don't live to serve or provide — they live to kill.

This volume collects the first four years of Aliens comics, which take you to the creatures' homeworld, show how they evolve and introduce the nightmarish alien queen mother. Plus: The events of Aliens are retold through Newt's eyes, and Ripley's story follows a new path in an adaptation of the 1992 blockbuster Alien3!

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An image posted on Jones' Twitter comparing the visual similarities between his and Land's work.

Greg Land's cover art for Aliens: The Original Years Volume 1 sparked controversy after fellow artist Tristan Jones accused Land of tracing his work, specifically several pieces of concept art for the comic Aliens: Defiance.[1][2][3] Jones would subsequently post evidence showing how Land's cover artwork showed glaring similarities his own pieces. Several sites noted how this was not the first time Land had been accused of plagiarism in this manner.[2][4] Subsequent to Jones' complaint, fans found further evidence of tracing in Land's cover art, including similarities between the Egg in the bottom left corner of the cover and a replica sold by NECA.[3]


  • The collection notably represents the first time several rarer Aliens comics were ever reprinted and/or collected in a mass market format. These include Aliens: Countdown, which was previously only ever collected with two issues of Aliens magazine in the mid-1990s, Aliens: Tribes and the film adaptations Aliens: Newt's Tale and Alien3, which had never been collected outside of their original releases, Alien3: Alone, which was exclusive to the Alien3 trading card set, and the Aliens: Space Marines mini-comics, which were previously only issued with select toys from Kenner Products and NECA.
  • This collections also features the colorized version of the original, and unedited 1988 story (including the original characters of Hicks and Newt).


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