Aliens: Jungle Attack is a mini-comic that was published by Dark Horse Comics in 1992. It was included exclusively with the Gorilla Alien action figure produced by Kenner Products. The story was written by Dan Jolley, illustrated by Tony Harris, lettered by Dan Nakrosis, and edited by Dan Thorsland, with cover art by Mark A. Nelson.

Jungle Attack was a part of the Aliens: Space Marines series, a number of mini-comics included exclusively with certain toys from Kenner's Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator toy lines. It was the fourth comic in the series, continuing the story from Aliens: Hive War, and its story was continued in the subsequent comic, Aliens: Meltdown.

Publisher's Summary[]

Sometime in the future...

Humankind has begun to explore space, colonizing planets throughout the galaxy. Leading the way are the SPACE MARINES, the toughest heavy metal warriors in the galaxy! Armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weaponry, they keep the peace in a universe filled with danger... and ALIENS!

Vicious, gruesome, and deadly, the Aliens spit acid, and use slithering face huggers to capture their prey. Led by their sinister Queen, the Aliens are spreading everywhere, mutating into more deadly forms as they go. Earth's last defense: The Space Marines, known throughout the galaxy as the best bug-fighters around.

So lock and load, Marine, the invasion is on!


"I was the first Space Marine ever to face an Alien, but their sheer ferocity still amazes me!"

The Gorilla Aliens.

The Space Marines set down on a planet called Zeevan, and quickly encounter Gorilla Aliens birthed from the ape-like creatures indigenous to the planet. The Marines' dropship is destroyed when a stream of acid spat at it by one of the Aliens detonates the warheads on board, and the team is stranded. They make camp and successfully fight off Alien attacks, but Ripley is captured by the Gorilla Aliens and taken to their treetop Hive. With a rescue ship on site, the other Marines prepare to launch a rescue mission.

Reprint History[]

A reprint of Aliens: Jungle Attack was included with NECA's updated Gorilla Alien figure. However, other than the Kenner and NECA figures with which it has been packaged, for many years the comic was never offered for individual sale anywhere, making it (along with the rest of the Aliens: Space Marines series) among the rarest Aliens comics from Dark Horse.

However, following Marvel Comics' acquisition of the rights to Alien comic books, almost all of the Aliens: Space Marines mini-comics were collected as part of Marvel's Aliens: The Original Years Volume 1 collection, alongside many other early Dark Horse stories. This marked the first time the previously rare Kenner comics had ever been reissued in a mass market format. The collection was released in May 2021.