Aliens: Infestation is a 2011 side-scrolling shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and WayForward Technologies and published by SEGA for the Nintendo DS. The game follows a team of Colonial Marines as they locate and investigate the USS Sulaco following the vessel's disappearance after the events of Alien3.

Infestation initially began development as a Nintendo DS port of Aliens: Colonial Marines early in that game's development cycle. However, when development of Colonial Marines stalled, the DS version was cancelled. However, when production of Colonial Marines subsequently resumed, the DS version was completed as a new game and released under the title "Aliens: Infestation". Due to its origins as a port, the game's plot features many similarities to that of Aliens: Colonial Marines (the Marines are initially investigating the disappearance of the Sulaco, they arrive on a vessel called the Sephora) but otherwise does not tell the same story and features a completely different cast of characters.


Following the discovery of the USS Sulaco adrift in space some 18 weeks after events on LV-426, a team of Colonial Marines are dispatched aboard the USS Sephora to investigate. They quickly discover the presence of hostile Union of Progressive Peoples (U.P.P.) soldiers, as well as Xenomorphs that have established a Hive aboard the ship. After encountering and defeating the Xenomorph Queen, the Marines descend to the surface of LV-426 to continue their investigation. There they discover that the U.P.P. are attempting to harvest Xenomorphs for their own use. The Marines eliminate the U.P.P. presence in the area and destroy their satcom.

As the Xenomorphs attack, the squad escapes the area in an APC. However, the APC crashes into the derelict, ending up inside the Pilot's chamber. There the Marines face off against a Jockey-Xenomorph, ultimately defeating it. The continued Xenomorph presence suggests that the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is also involved in events. The Marines travel to a Weyland-Yutani research facility located on the Martian moon Phobos, where they discover a series of experiments being run on the Xenomorphs, including the creation of Gorilla Xenomorphs and a giant tank-like Xenomorph. The Marines, now aware of Sean Davis' plans, return to the Sulaco where they face off against a gigantic Queen (possibly the Queen Mother), with the Sulaco ultimately being destroyed.


Playable characters

Infestation features a plethora of playable Marines, each with differing personalities, idle animations and armor colors. Initially, the player will start with a four man squad, which is the maximum Marines that the player may be able to control. If a playable character dies, they will remain killed throughout the rest of the game and the only way to make them respawn is to start a new game. The playable characters will eventually encounter other Marines, should the player encounter another Marine when one of the Marines from the player's squad died beforehand, they will join the player's squad. Otherwise, they will not join the squad and will give supplies to the current playable character instead.

The player will control one Marine at the time, and they can freely switch out one marine with another at their own leisure, that is if their marine goes inside a checkpoint room. The player cannot control marines who have not joined the squad beforehand.

  • Corporal John "Duke" Cameron is one of the four starter playable characters. Typical "natural born leader" trope. His idle animation is to take off his helmet and hold it against his waist. His armor color is green.
  • Private Buddy "Brando" Whistler is another of the four starter playable characters. Typical "young rookie" trope. His idle animation is to get out a flashlight and shine it around the area. His armor color is white.
  • Lance Corporal Samantha "Homewrecker" Johnston is another of the four starter playable characters. Typical "aggressive tomboy" trope. Her idle animation is to throw her helmet to the ground and put one foot on top of it. Her armor color is red.
  • Private Brock "Bear" Paulson is the last of the four starter playable characters. Typical "Gentle Giant" trope. His idle animation is to take his helmet off and relax his neck and shoulders. His armor color is brown.
  • Private Amber "Buster" Fischer is a young female Marine who joined the USCM to stay away from her over-protective brothers. She was constantly harassed by other Marines because of her small size and good looks. Her idle animation is to take off her helmet, revealing her long blonde hair. Her armor color is purple.
  • Corporal John "Booker" Losso is a firm and strict Marine with a 'duty before self' attitude who always follows orders. His idle animation is to go into a 'parade rest' position. His armor color is grey.
  • Corporal Jeff "Lucky" Palms is a Marine who is well known for his striking good luck. His idle animation is to get out a pack of cards and shuffle them. His armor color is bronze.
  • Sergeant Jay "Gristle" Henick was originally a constable for a small town in Texas who later found a true sense of belonging as a Marine. His idle animation is to get out a flask and begin drinking it. His armor color is light grey.
  • Private Deepak "Cowboy" Singh is a young patriotic Marine eager to prove his worth. His idle animation is standing upright and saluting. His armor color is light brown.
  • Lance Corporal Hank "Husker" Thompson is a Marine who came from a formerly wealthy family. After tragedy struck, he decided to help them by joining the USCM. He was known for his great enthusiasm. His idle animation is to ready a handgun and look around the area. His armor color is light brown.
  • Private Angel "Cuchillos" Sinise is a Marine with a troubled past who joined a street gang. He chose to join the UCSM solely to avoid getting a jail sentence but later felt comfortable as a Marine. He also has a fixation towards knifes. His neutral stance is to get out a knife and start tossing it. His armor color is light brown.
  • Private Zoe "Cutter" Kennedy is a Gothic-looking and pessimistic Marine. She joined the military alongside her brother to get away from her mother whom she was "never particularly fond of". She was also a musician. Her idle animation is to take off her helmet and slump back against a wall. Her armor color is grey.
  • Lance Corporal Dave "BBQ" William is a talented barbecue chef who enlisted to become a military chef. After constant arguments with his superiors concerning the poor quality of food he served to soldiers, he was later re-assigned to become a Marine. He was well known for the ribs he cooked for his comrades. His idle animation is to take his helmet off, wipe his brow, and kneel to catch his breath. His armor color is light green.
  • Corporal Frank "Bonesaw" Heston is a gun fanatic who got the "Bonesaw" nickname from a past war when he used his M56 Smartgun to blow off a Marine's leg, thereby freeing them from beneath an overturned APC, saving their life. His idle animation is to brandish two handguns menacingly. His armor color is dark green.
  • Private Mei-Lin "Beta" Chau is a hacker and computer fanatic who became a Marine due to her hacking specialties. She often speaks computer words in her conversations. Her idle animation is to take her helmet off, kneel down and start playing a game on her data pad.  Her armor color is pink.
  • Warrant Officer Friedric "Rook" Marcus is a Marine with a mysterious past who was rumored to be an android. His idle animation is to motionlessly stare at the camera, breaking the 4th wall. His armor color is taupe.
  • Lance Corporal Mike "Five-Pack" Coleman is a Marine who suffers from Post-traumatic stress disorder. His idle animation is to bend over from exhaustion and then put his hand over his helmet. His armor color is green.
  • Private Jimmy "Chiever" Kim is an overachiever who's main ambition is to seek the admiration of his father who was also a Marine. His idle animation is to take his helmet off, get out headphones and listen to music. His armor color is light brown.
  • Sergeant Jasper "Iron Sights" Watson is the oldest playable character who joined the military at 16 years old after lying about his age. He has been a Marine for 33 years. His idle animation is taking off his helmet, revealing his dirty, unkept hair and leaning his head forward. His armor color is light grey.

Other characters

  • Lieutenant Colonel Patrick "Stainless" Steele is the team's commanding officer, who issues them orders via comms uplink.
  • Sean Davis is a high-ranking official in the hierarchy of The Weyland-Yutani Corporation and is the main antagonist of the game. He wears a red jacket and has blonde/light brown hair.

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Aliens Part IV Another Bug Hunt

Aliens Part IV Another Bug Hunt

Aliens: Infestation was featured on the Feb. 25th episode of the video game documentary series "All Your History Are Belong To Us" on the Machinima YouTube network.


  • The design of the Sulaco's interior is almost completely different from its design in Aliens.


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