AliensHiveWars (back)

The back packaging for Aliens: Hive Wars, showcasing the entire line of figures

Aliens: Hive Wars was a 1998 line of action figures produced by Kenner Products and sold exclusively by Kay Bee Toys. Despite its title, it included Predator figures as well as Alien and Marine characters, each of which was loosely based on those seen in the films Aliens and Predator. Only a single series was released before the toy line was cancelled.

The story from the packaging: The Aliens Hive Planet- a new Predator hunting ground for deadly alien xenopods! The heroic Marines, a team of Cyborg-tech warriors, have volunteered to destroy the Alien menace before the entire universe is demolished. It's the galaxy's last chance for survival as the vicious Aliens, ferocious Predators and fearless Marines clash in the ultimate battle of domination!


  • Acid Alien
  • Corporal Hicks
  • Hive Warrior Alien
  • Integer 3
  • Night Recon Predator
  • Warrior Predator (also known as Hive Wars Predator)

Behind the Scenes


The Heavy Infantry Predator, scrapped from the previous Predator line, would have been included in the cancelled Series 2 of Aliens: Hive Wars.

The line would be the last of Kenner's Aliens and Predator action figures. A second series was planned to include other unreleased figures originally intended for the earlier Aliens and Predator lines, but poor sales cancelled the series. Even so, some unpainted test figures can be found online through collectors.



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