Aliens: Hadley's Hope was a canceled co-op first-person shooter video game developed by Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms to be published by FoxNext. The game was to feature an emphasis on teamwork and tactical gameplay in order to progress through levels as part of a 4-player team.[1]

Despite its title implying action would be focussed on the colony of Hadley's Hope, the game would in fact have been a world-spanning multiplayer game similar in concept to Destiny (matching exceptions for the upcoming untitled Aliens online shooter being developed by Cold Iron Studios).[1] The game was to feature multiple story chapters, each consisting of several levels followed by a boss fight against a Queen. Levels were to feature both mandatory primary objectives and optional side-quests that would reward players with additional loot or lore. Multiple Queens would be present in the game, each forming the conclusion to a chapter, more of which were intended to be added in the form of post-launch content.[1]

The game was cancelled as a result of Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Studios in 2019.[1] According to developers, the game was "quite far into pre-production" when it was cancelled. Multiple planning documents for the game were released via Social Media after its cancellation, detailing how it would have played.[2]




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