Aliens: DNA War is a 2006 novel written by Diane Carey and published by DH Press.

Publisher's Summary


In an inhospitable galaxy, the planet Rosamond 6 is a rare find. With a moon, an atmosphere, and a thriving biosystem the world has all the keys necessary for human habitation. But while Rosamond 6 may look like an oasis among the stars, it harbors a fatal secret...

...Rosamund 6 is infested with the murderous xenomorphic Aliens that have wiped out every life form in their path. Eager to prove her theory that the Aliens can be reasoned with, anthropologist Jocasta Malvaux has set up an observation post on Rosamond 6. But when the monsters become aware of Malvaux and her expedition, something unexpected happens: the Aliens don't attack.

When Jocasta's son Rory races to the planet to save her, she won't leave. What is the secret behind the Aliens' seeming lack of concern for the humans? Are the monsters evolving? Or is it simply a matter of time before every person on the planet is in a fight for their lives?

Best-selling writer Diane Carey takes you to the edge of your darkest nightmare and into the mind of a monster. The war is about to begin.

Reprint history

Aliens: DNA War was collected along with Aliens: Original Sin in The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume 5, published by Titan Books, in December 2017.



  • In the publisher's summary on the back cover, Rosamond 6 is misspelled "Rosamund 6".

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