Below is a list of all weapons that are available to the player in the 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines. Weapons in the game are predominantly divided into three main categories — standard weapons, heavy weapons and Legendary Weapons — plus several other miscellaneous items including hand grenades and sentry guns.

Several weapons in the game were initially exclusives only available to players who pre-ordered or purchased a special edition release from a specific retailer, although these bonus weapons were later released as DLC for anyone to download.

Standard Weapons

Standard weapons are the mainstay of the player's arsenal. When the player discovers a new standard weapon on the battlefield it is permanently added to their inventory and can be used at any time subsequently. Each of these weapons can be customized with a variety of add-ons and upgrades, although these customizations must first be purchased (using commendations awarded through ranking up). Custom paint jobs are also available, unlocked by completing the game's challenges.

Armat M4A3 Service Pistol

Main article: M4A3 Service Pistol

Based on the Colt M1911. The standard issue sidearm for the USCM. Holds 12 rounds. Offers greater accuracy and firepower than other pistols but at a reduced rate of fire.

W-Y 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol

Main article: 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol

Based on the Heckler & Koch VP70. Constructed from nano-bound, hard impact plastics and other synthetic materials. Holds 18 rounds. Lower damage than the M4A3 but a higher rate of fire, and can be modified to full-auto.

Armat M41A Pulse Rifle MK2

Main article: M41A Pulse Rifle MK2

Updated version of the M41A seen in Aliens. The M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 is the standard issue weapon of the Colonial Marines in the game. Fires 10mm explosive-tipped caseless rounds. Features additional customization options including a variety of underbarrel launcher attachments. Total magazine capacity has been reduced from 99 rounds to 40 rounds, presumably for balance, although an extended magazine can increase the capacity to 60 rounds.

W-Y NSG 23 Assault Rifle

Main article: NSG 23 Assault Rifle

Mid-ranged 7.62mm burst fire assault rifle. Holds 30 rounds. Has a noticeably lighter action compared to competitors, with more controllable firing patterns as a result.

Armat M4RA Battle Rifle

Main article: M4RA Battle Rifle

Semi-automatic mid- to long-range bullpup marksman rifle. Has a 15 round magazine. Mounts a variety of underbarrel attachments and several different optics for differing situations.

Armat M39 Submachine Gun

Main article: M39 Submachine Gun

The ARMAT M39 Submachine Gun.

Compact sub-machine gun with a high rate of fire. Holds 48 rounds, which can be extended to 72 rounds.

Armat M37A2 Pump Shotgun

Main article: M37A2 Pump Shotgun

Based on the Ithaca Model 37 "Stakeout". Holds 8 rounds. Offers better firepower and accuracy than the tactical shotgun but with noticeably less customization and a slower rate of fire and reload speed.

W-Y MK221 Tactical Shotgun

Main article: MK221 Tactical Shotgun

Based on the Benelli M4 Super 90. A close-range self-loading semi-automatic weapon made from heat resistant alloys that is capable of firing rapid shots in quick succession without overheating. Holds 8 rounds. Highly effective in tight spaces but inaccurate at long range due to spread.

Heavy Weapons

Unlike standard weapons, these are not added to player's inventory when collected and must be discarded after use. Switching weapons will also discard them. Furthermore, they cannot be reloaded or modified. In multiplayer, these weapons spawn at designated locations in the maps, sometimes only after a certain amount of time has elapsed in the match.

M56 Smartgun

Main article: M56 Smartgun

Powerful machine gun with auto-aim and target tracking capabilities.

M240 Incinerator Unit

Main article: M240 Incinerator Unit

The M240 Incinerator Unit is capable of producing a lethal burst of intense flame, devastating against organic targets but potentially hazardous to the user.

M5 RPG Launcher

Main article: M5 RPG

Four-shot rocket launcher with integrated scope. Very effective against soft targets and capable of damaging hardened structures.

Tactical Weapons

These include hand grenades and placed mines and are stored as part of the player's inventory.

M40 HEDP Grenade

Main article: M40 HEDP Grenade

Composition B15 fragmentation grenade used in both the U1 Grenade Launcher attachment and as a hand-thrown time-delay explosive. In the latter role, the timed fuse can be "cooked" by holding the fire button.

U4 Firebomb

Main article: U4 Firebomb

A Naplam B-based incendiary explosive; creates lasting chemical fires that reach temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius.

M20 Claymore Mine

Main article: M20 Claymore Mine

A laser-triggered directional fragmentation anti-personnel mine. Consists of an explosive charge embedded with ball bearings. Designed for area defense or to slow an enemy advance.


UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun

Main article: UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun

While not a usable weapon, UA 571-C Automated Sentry Guns can be moved and placed by the player to help them defend an area from attack.

Legendary Weapons

Main article: Legendary Weapon

Legendary weapons are unique firearms based on weapons used by characters in Aliens, found hidden in specific locations throughout the game. Each has a unique trait and/or appearance, but they cannot be modified. Most Legendary Weapons are added to the player's inventory when discovered, with the exceptions of Frost's Flamethrower and Vasquez's Smartgun, which, as with other heavy weapons, are discarded after use.

Hudson's Pulse Rifle

Main article: Hudson's Pulse Rifle

Based on the M41A Pulse Rifle carried by Private Hudson in Aliens. Features a full 99-round magazine (downloaded to 95 rounds). Also features increased stopping power and a skull design on the magazine well, but is limited to four-round burst fire.

Hicks' Shotgun

Main article: Hicks' Shotgun

A legendary variant of the Armat M37A2 based on the Ithaca Model 37 carried by Corporal Hicks. Features a pakerized finish with wooden foregrip, and acid damage around the barrel. Also has the words "NO FATE" carved into the top of the receiver.

Frost's Flamethrower

Main article: Frost's Flamethrower

Based on the M240 Incinerator Unit carried by Private Frost. Has the word "FROSTBITE" scrawled on the side. However, performance-wise it is no different to the standard M240.

Vasquez's Smartgun

Main article: Vasquez's Smartgun

Based on the M56 Smartgun carried by Private Vasquez. Has the word "ADIOS" painted on the side and Vasquez's red bandanna tied around the forward hand grip. However, performance-wise it is no different to the standard M56.

Vasquez's Pistol

Main article: Vasquez's Pistol

A legendary variant of the ARMAT M4A3 Service Pistol based on the Smith & Wesson Model 39 carried by Private Vasquez. It has pearl grips and increased stopping power.

Gorman's Pistol

Main article: Gorman's Pistol

Based on the VP70 carried by Lieutenant Gorman. Finished in black and with increased damage compared to the standard pistol.

Pre-order Bonus/DLC Weapons

These weapons were originally only available with certain special editions of the game or by pre-ordering. They were later released as additional DLC for anyone to purchase.

Ripley's Pulse Rifle

Main article: Ripley's Pulse Rifle

Ripley's jury-rigged Pulse Rifle/Flamethrower combination.

Based on the M41A Pulse Rifle/M240 Incinerator Unit combination rigged together with duct tape by Ellen Ripley near the end of Aliens. As with Hudson's Pulse Rifle, it has a full 99-round rifle magazine (downloaded to 95 rounds) but is also capable of full-auto fire. It is incredibly versatile and powerful but can only be fired from the hip and blocks a large part of the player's view due to its size. It was initially available to those who purchased the Collector's Edition, but was later released as DLC for everyone.

XM99A Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle

Main article: XM99A Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle

A weapon based on boasts made by Hudson in Aliens (which was itself a reference to the gunshop scene in James Cameron's earlier film The Terminator). It was initially available to those who purchased the Collector's Edition, but was later released as DLC for everyone.

Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun

Main article: Sawed-off double barrel shotgun

Self-descriptive weapon. It was initially only available with the Extermination Edition, but was later released as DLC.

P9 SHARP Rifle

Main article: P9 Sonic Harpoon Artillery Remote Projectile Rifle

A weapon based on boasts made by Hudson in Aliens, the Sonic Harpoon Artillery Remote Projectile Rifle fires time delayed explosive darts. It was initially available to those who pre-ordered the game, but was later released as DLC for everyone.

G2 Electroshock Grenade

Main article: G2 Electroshock Grenade

Propels to a height of 1m before unleashing a 1.2 gigavolt charge; informally known as the 'Sonic Electronic Ball Breaker' due to the detonation height and effect.

Based on boasts made by Hudson in Aliens, the weapon is a time detonation bounding mine, or 'bouncing betty' device. A handheld grenade is tossed to the ground. It then propels itself upward and delivers an electric payload of over 1,200,000,000 volts. The shock is instantaneous and delivers enough current to halt the central nervous system, but is rarely fatal. It was initially available to those who purchased the Collector's Edition, but was later released as DLC for everyone.

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