Aliens: Colonial Marines is a cancelled 2002 first-person shooter video game that was to be published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 2. It bears no relation to the identically-named 2013 video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, beyond the general concept of combat between Colonial Marines and Xenomorphs.

The game was originally announced by Electronic Arts in May, 2001,[1] but was officially cancelled in October 2002 for unknown reasons. However, several sources allude to technical issues being the main reason, with the beta at E3 2001 apparently running at a slow frame-rate.[2]

The game detailed the story of a sqaud of marines being sent out to investigate the disappearance of 2nd Battalion Bravo Team. Players would control the commanding officer Lt. Nakamuri who could command up to 4 marines (from a pool of 12), all of which had their own personalities and skills.[3] Survivors of Xenomorph attacks could also be recruited into the squad.[2]

An interesting game mechanic was the concept of a Xenomorph kidnapping one of your squadmates. Players could then partake in a side-mission to rescue the kidnapped marine before they were impregnated by a Facehugger.[4]

The game was to have been separated into three main acts, all of which consisted of roughly seven levels. The first act was set on the USS Sulaco, with a scavenger ship having docked it prior to the marines arrival; marines would have fought both scavengers and Xenomorphs alike. A chase across the ship with a Queen was to have been featured early on in the game.[2] The final act supposedly took place on Xenomorph Prime.[5]




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