Card 1 - Aliens/Predator Universe title card.

Aliens/Predator Universe is a 1994 87-card trading card set based on the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchises, published by Topps.


The trading cards are arranged into four main subsets:

The set also features 3 "Intro" title cards and special text-only "Credits" and "Checklist" cards.

Each standard card features full artwork on the front, while the rear carries a small block of text. Typically, this explains the origin of the artwork and credits the artist, although on the Aliens vs. Predator and Operation: Aliens cards the text instead forms the written portion of the comic shown in the images overleaf. Some of the cards also feature inset artwork on the rear — the Gallery cards feature work-in-progress versions of the finished artwork from the front of the card, while the Operation: Aliens cards feature a sneak peak of the next card's artwork.

Artists who contributed original artwork for the Gallery cards were Gary Fields, Rebecca Guay, Adam Hughes, Esteban Maroto, Dimitrios Patelis, John Pound, Reuben Rude, Zina Saunders, John K. Snyder III, Jim Valentino, Neil Vokes and Al Williamson.[2]

Chase cards[]

To coincide with the Aliens/Predator Universe trading cards, Topps also published a set of 6 limited edition "Topps Finest" prestige chase cards, consisting of artwork from selected cards in the set printed on "chromium" reflective trading cards. These cards were included in 1 out of every 17 packs.[3]


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