Card 210 - M41A Pulse Rifle.

The Aliens/Predator Collectible Card Game, commonly shortened to Aliens/Predator CCG, is a card game published in 1997 by HarperPrism.

A single expansion, Resurrection, was released in 1999.


Cards were available as set cards (found in starter decks), common, uncommon, rare, and tournament prizes.  Card types were characters, items, actions, and locations. 

The game was sold as three starter decks, one each for Colonial Marines (green), Predator (orange), and Aliens (blue).  Each starter deck contained rules, a quick-start poster, cardboard tokens for hidden movement or "Combat Pool," a white-with-black-pips 6-sided die, and 50 set cards and 10 random cards, which included a single rare card.  Booster packs were sold separately which contained 9 cards (6 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare).

Promotional cards and tournament prize cards were also available from game representatives who taught others how to play and ran tournaments. There were also hard-to-find "alpha" cards and promotional cards from the game's launch, that included characters and weapons.

Card Layout[]

Item, action, location, and character cards had common charcteristics.  Each had a title or name at the top, a picture representing the card in the main window, card effect text in a box beneath the picture, and flavor text in small italics at the bottom.  Along the left border would be the card's affiliation in yellow (restricting the card's use or assignment to a character or player with that resource, such as "Military Arms," or affiliation) and/or "resources" in white, which could be useful (positive) traits, but could also include negative traits, such as "Unlucky." The resources determined if a card fulfilled another card's affiliation restrictions.

Location cards had a purple border, Marines characters and items were green, Aliens characters (there were no alien items) were blue, Predator characters and items had orange borders, and action cards and civilian cards had bluish-gray borders.


Each character card had the character's name (Pvt. Hudson, Bishop, Alien Queen, Grey Stripe, Mechanic, Child, etc.) at the top and a picture representing the character in the main window.  Beneath the window would be the character's "effect text," which would explain how the card could be used (for example, the "Brett" card could be used (rotated) every turn to search the player's deck for the first location card, then immediately play that card and move Brett to that location.  To the right of the picture were the character's two stats: movement atop power.  The movement number allowed the character to move that many locations in a single turn (assuming no hostile characters or obstacles were in the way).  The power number was a character's health and combat value (ranged and melee).