AVPDC 1904

The whaling station in 1904.

The Unrated Edition of Alien vs. Predator is an extended version of the 2004 film, first released on the Alien vs. Predator: The Unrated Edition DVD in 2005. It adds several extra scenes and additional violence to the movie, extending its run time by around 8 minutes.


The Unrated Edition was released on DVD on November 22, 2005. According to John Puccio of DVD Town, the extra footage contains "a few more shots of blood, gore, guts, and slime to spice things up... and tiny bits of connecting matter to help us follow the story line better, but none of it amounts to much".[1]

UK/Australia extended cut[]

An alternate extended cut of Alien vs. Predator not released elsewhere was issued in the United Kingdom (on the 2-disc Extreme Edition DVD) and in Region 4 territories (Australia). This version of the film included the opening scene set in 1904 at the start, but none of the other changes from the full Unrated Edition. The later Definitive Edition DVD release contained full Unrated Edition of the film.


Here follows a complete rundown of the differences between the theatrical release of Alien vs. Predator and the extended Unrated Edition.


Karl is cornered by a Predator.

  • The Unrated Edition features a completely new sequence before the opening credits, set at Razorback Point on October 10, 1904. Karl, one of the Norwegian whalers, is running around frantically, obviously fleeing from something off-screen. He enters one of the buildings, and as he creeps around a cloaked Predator suddenly appears. Karl tries to flee but trips and falls to the floor. The Predator draws its Wristblades as it approaches him, and we see the laser pointer for its Plasmacaster moving up Karl's chest. The camera cuts to the Predator's thermal vision, which then switches to an alternate vision mode and we see a Xenomorph that was lurking in the shadows beside Karl all along. The Xenomorph lunges at the Predator and he swipes at it with his Wristblades, before the film cuts abruptly to the opening credits, which are the same as those in the theatrical version.
AVPDC pizzas

Lunch arrives.

  • The scene at the satellite receiving station features an extended introduction. The pickup truck briefly seen driving into the complex in the theatrical cut is seen pulling up alongside one of the buildings, where the occupant gets out with a stack of takeout pizzas; the Weyland Industries logo and slogan are seen on the door of his truck as he closes it. He heads inside and drops the pizzas on a desk, while Fin Ullbeck is seen watching Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man on his computer monitor nearby (possibly an inside joke directed at James Cameron, who disparagingly likened Alien vs. Predator to "Frankenstein Meets Werewolf" when he learned of the film's production[2]). When the transmission about the heat bloom on Bouvet Island arrives, alternate footage is used to show the alarm sounding and Ullbeck and the others reacting to it; the closeup of the monitor flashing red with "UNIDENTIFIED HEAT SIGNATURE" on the screen is seen in a wider shot, for instance, and Dr. Langer is also seen rising from her desk. The scene features cameos by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr. as two of the technicians at the station.

Juan confronts Sebastian.

  • After Sebastian finds the bottle cap at the dig in Mexico, he and Thomas are approached by Juan, the man funding the archaeological excavations, who mockingly tells them, "According to you, the Teotihuacans final gift to their dying king was a Pepsi." Sebastian pleads with him for another month's funding but Juan refuses, telling them he intends to get another team to take over the dig. Immediately after this, the shot of Sebastian and Thomas heading up the ramp to their tent is trimmed at the start, meaning Sebastian's dialogue reassuring Thomas that they will find the burial chamber is missing.
AVPDC snowcat

Miller fires up the snowcat.

  • Two new scenes are added immediately before the briefing on board the Piper Maru, expanding on some of the supporting characters. First, we see Thomas discretely telling Sebastian that the check given to them by Weyland in return for meeting with him has cleared; Sebastian responds that they will politely listen to what Weyland has to say, then decline any offer and return to their dig in Mexico, making it clear they have no real intention of joining the expedition and just want the money. Elsewhere in the hold, Miller is messing around in one of the snowcats, starting up the engine. Verheiden approaches and pretends to be friendly, and Miller asks if he'll take a photo of him. Verheiden suddenly snaps back, "Get off, or you'll be wearing your ass for a hat!" Lex arrives and criticizes Verheiden's attitude, but he tells her to keep the "Beakers" away from the equipment. As they walk away, Miller asks Lex what Verheiden meant by Beakers, and she explains that it is a derogatory term for scientists, in reference to the character Beaker from The Muppet Show. Following these additions, Stafford's introduction to the group is re-edited and most of his dialogue is removed; in the Unrated Edition, he doesn't welcome them, but simply asks for their attention before introducing Weyland.
AVPDC blood

Mikkel's bloodier demise.

  • When one of the Predators kills Mikkel on the surface, additional CGI blood has been added to the Wristblades as they burst out of his chest, some of which splatters Sven. CGI blood has also been added when a Predator nails Sven to the wall with its Combistick.
AVPDC Facehugger

The explorers find their first Alien.

  • After Sebastian examines the petrified corpse in the sacrificial chamber, Miller finds a human skull and spine nearby. He comments to Lex that it was removed in one piece, noting that the spinal column was severed with a perfectly clean cut. They then hear a barely audible screech from the revived Queen in the bowels of the pyramid, but Miller passes it off as the wind moving through the tunnels. Sebastian joins them and heads in the direction of the sound, and the trio discover a trophy room adjacent to the sacrificial chamber, its walls stacked high with hundreds of human skulls. A fossilized Facehugger falls on Sebastian, startling them. Sebastian proposes it is some kind of scorpion, but Lex points out no scorpions can survive in Antarctica.
  • When Scar kills Quinn at the bottom of the shaft through the ice, a lot more blood has been digitally added to the shot of the rocks getting sprayed.
  • The scene where the Chestburster emerges from Adele is slightly bloodier, with CGI blood added to her shirt and coming from her mouth. The Chestburster itself is also covered in slightly more blood.
AVPDC Predators

The Predators find their Plasmacasters have been taken.

  • After Adele is killed by the Chestburster, the Unrated Edition shows a brief new scene where the three Predators make their way to the sarcophagus that contained the Plasmacasters. When they discover they are missing, they split up to hunt for the culprits.
  • There is a short new scene with Miller and Verheiden just after they get separated from the others. Verheiden begins to lose his cool and Miller tries to calm him down, pointing out that they're not dead yet. Verheiden replies aggressively, "Well, thanks, Professor," to which Miller responds that he is a doctor, not a professor.
AVPDC shaft

Connors is taken.

  • The scene where Connors is trapped alone in the narrow shafts is extended to reveal what ultimately happens to him. After he tumbles down the slope, the shot of his G36C landing is replaced with an alternate take. After he recovers from his fall, there are several new shots of Connors hearing Alien hisses and screeches echoing through the passageways. He retrieves his rifle as in the theatrical version, but whereas the original version cuts away as soon as he notices the slime on the weapon, in the Unrated Edition we additionally see him cock it and aim it towards some of the noises, before a Xenomorph (unseen) drops down on him from above. Finally, there is a brief shot of the now empty shaft. In general, the sequence is notably more intense in the Unrated Edition.
AVPDC priorities

Weyland and Max's differing priorities.

  • The beginning of the scene where Sebastian proves his theory about the pyramid rearranging every ten minutes is re-edited and extended. In the theatrical cut, it begins with Weyland using his inhaler and coughing, then shows a quick shot of Stafford standing guard, before Lex walks into the room and reports that she hasn't been able to find a way out. In the Unrated Edition, the scene instead begins with Weyland examining one of the recovered Plasmacasters. Lex arrives and reports that there is no way out, which uses alternate footage, after which Weyland goes back to examining the Yautja weapon while Stafford checks Bass' corpse, which is lying close by. Seeing that Weyland is more interested in the technology they have found than the body lying at his feet, Stafford reiterates for his boss that one of his men has died. He goes on to say he needs to know what Bass perished for, and Weyland responds that he died trying to make history. Stafford accusingly responds, "Whose? Yours?" before moving away.
  • The scene where Stafford is killed is embellished with additional CGI blood, both on the net that ensnares him and on the Combistick that impales him.
  • When Grid leaps on Celtic and sends him crashing through a stone table, a short shot of Sebastian getting hit by debris and recoiling has been added.
AVPDC blood2

Weyland dies.

  • Weyland's death is re-edited and slightly bloodier. We no longer see Scar drive his Wristblades into Weyland's chest; instead, this happens off-screen, and in its place we see Lex and Sebastian react to his screams. We see Scar's bloody Wristblades emerging from Weyland's back before he tosses his corpse aside, and a small trickle of CGI blood has been added coming from Weyland's mouth in the shot of his dead face. The Unrated Edition then cuts back to Lex, who wants to go back and help. Sebastian convinces her it is hopeless, and as they flee Scar notices the Plasmacaster in Lex's backpack.
  • At the start of the scene where Sebastian translates the hieroglyphs for Lex, he additionally reads some symbols on a wall. He surmises from them that the Predators are here for an initiation ritual that marks their passage from immaturity into adulthood, and the Plasmacasters are supposed to be their prize.
AVPDC skinning

Scar touches his knife to the dead Xenomorph's brain.

  • The scene where Scar dismembers the dead Xenomorph is slightly longer. Scar pulls some kind of membrane off of the dead creature's brain, after which there is an alternate shot of Lex asking, "What are you doing?" Following this, Scar deliberately touches a nerve in the creature's brain with the tip of his dagger, causing its inner jaw to spring out. Lex jumps, causing Scar some amusement.



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