Alien vs. Predator 2 2D: Requiem is a 2007 video game developed and published by Superscape for mobile devices. The game is based on the film of the same name. Despite being based on the film however, it appears to take place in the same era as Aliens. As such, the story takes place in a secret facility and not in Gunnison. The player also fights Colonial Marines, instead of National Guards.


The player can choose between two characters: the Alien or the Predator. As the Alien, the player must help build the hive and expand the Alien infestation. The Alien uses it's claws to attack and spits acid for it's ranged attack. It also has a rage meter that fills up with every kill and can be maxed out by picking up Eggs scattered around the levels, and eats kills to regain health.

As the Predator, the player's job is to exterminate all the Aliens they encounter and erase all traces of their existence. The Predator uses Wristblades as his main attack and Twin-Plasma Casters as his ranged attack. He can pick up pieces of armor found around levels to regain health.

Several powerups also exist to help the two characters complete their objectives, such as adding Acid to the Alien's basic claw attack or providing cloaking for the Predator. This is a working list of all known power-ups:


  • Egg: Fills up the rage meter, can be required to complete certain objectives.
  • Claw Acid: Gives the Alien's claws Acidic properties and increases damage.
  • Healing: In addition, the Alien can also eat the bodies of enemies to regain health.


  • Armor: Refills a portion of the Predator's health.
  • Cloaking Device: Cloaks the Predator for a limited amount of time time, additional Cloaks must be found to keep it from draining, although completing certain objectives and killing enemies may give it a slight boost.