Alien vs. Predator is the soundtrack album to the 2004 motion picture Alien vs. Predator, composed by Harald Kloser.


Austrian composer Harald Kloser was hired to create the film's score as director Paul W. S. Anderson was a fan of his work on the film The Day After Tomorrow and knew he was a fan of the franchise.[1] The music was recorded in London, and was primarily orchestral as Anderson commented, "this is a terrifying movie and it needs a terrifying, classic movie score to go with it; at the same time it's got huge action so it needs that kind of proper orchestral support."[1]

The score was released on August 31, 2004, and received mixed reviews. James Christopher Monger of All Music Guide thought Kloser introduced electronic elements well, and called "Alien vs. Predator Main Theme" a "particularly striking" track that "serves as a continuous creative source for the composer to dip his baton in."[2] Mike Brennan of Soundtrack, however, said the music "lacks the ingenuity of the previous trilogy and the Predator scores, which all shared a strong sense of rhythm in place of thematic content. Kloser throws in some interesting percussion cues ("Antarctica" and "Down the Tunnel"), but more as a sound effect than a consistent motif."[3] John Fallon of JoBlo.com compared it to the character development in the movie — "too generic to completely engage or leave a permanent impression."[4]

Track Listing[]

  1. "1904" — 1:16
  2. "Alien vs. Predator Main Theme" — 3:29
  3. "Antarctica" — 2:11
  4. "Bouvetøya Island" — 2:09
  5. "Down the Tunnel" — 1:02
  6. "Hanging Bodies" — 1:46
  7. "Southern Lights" — 1:39
  8. "Predator Space Ship" — 1:12
  9. "The Pyramid" — 1:11
  10. "Temple" — 1:11
  11. "Dark World" — 2:56
  12. "History of the World" — 3:21
  13. "Alien Fight" — 3:14
  14. "I Need This" — 1:45
  15. "Weyland's End" — 0:56
  16. "Alien Queen" — 1:36
  17. "Showdown" — 3:23
  18. "The End... or Maybe Not" — 3:31


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