Alien Resurrection (1999 DVD)

US Alien DVD cover.

The 1999 DVD release of Alien Resurrection contained the original 1997 theatrical cut of Alien Resurrection, along with several bonus features. Essentially, the single disc was simply the fourth disc from The Alien Legacy DVD box set released as a separate package. As such, it contains the same bonus features as that disc.

The DVD was released on June 1, 1999 in the United States and Canada,[1] alongside the corresponding DVD releases of Alien, Aliens Special Edition and Alien3. In the United Kingdom, the DVD was released on May 15, 2000.[2]


Chapter Titles

As is the case with virtually all DVDs, the film has been sectioned into chapters, similar to tracks on a CD. The titles of these chapters are listed below.

Chapter Title
1 Main Titles
2 USM Auriga
3 Born Again
4 Memories
5 The Cargo Arrives
6 The Deal
7 A Little One-on-One
8 Today's Lesson
9 Snooping Around
10 Caught
11 The Escape
12 "Evacuation."
13 "Evacuation Incomplete."
14 Finding a Way Out
15 A Waste of Ammo
16 "He's Got One Inside of Him."
17 A Trap
18 Call's Secret
19 Connecting at the Chapel
20 Into the Nest
21 Sharing the Monster
22 A New Baby
23 Racing to the Betty
24 Closing the Hatch
25 Under Pressure
26 "I'm a Stranger Here Myself."
27 End Titles



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