Alien III is a 2019 audio drama adaptation of William Gibson's unproduced script for Alien3, directed by Dirk Maggs and starring Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen. It was published by Audible Studios on May 30, 2019.

As with the earlier comic book adaptation of Gibson's unmade script, the audio drama is based on the second draft screenplay, which differs substantially from his more widely-known first draft.

Publisher's Summary

Father of cyberpunk, William Gibson's original script for Alien III, written in 1987 as a sequel to Aliens, never made it to our screens, although it went on to achieve cult status among fans as the third instalment that might have been after being leaked online.

This terrifying, cinematic multicast dramatisation — directed by the multi award-winning Dirk Maggs — is the chance to experience William Gibson's untold story and its terrifying, claustrophobic and dark encounters between humans and Aliens as a completely immersive audio experience.

The story begins with the Sulaco on its return journey from LV-426. On board the military ship are the cryogenically frozen skeleton crew of that film's survivors: Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop.

We travel aboard and hear an alarm blare. Our heroes are no longer alone...

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