An Aliens Fan Club flyer for Alien Convention '93.[1]

Alien Convention '93 (or Aliens Convention '93),[2][3] also known as the British Aliens Convention,[4] was an Alien convention held April 18, 1993 at Queensway Hall, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England.[2][3] The event was organized by the Aliens Fan Club, who later organized Aliens Convention '99.[1]


The convention was originally scheduled for November 14, 1992,[5] but was delayed until the following year. It was held at the Queensway hall in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, which features a large auditorium for talks and video showings, foyer area for dealer tables and a cafe and bar. With an attendance of over 600, it's as well such a large venue was chosen.[2]

The day began with an introductory speech by Aliens Fan Club president Simon Clarke, the curtains opened to reveal Simon at his lectern shadowed by a full size, 14 foot tall Queen Xenomorph. Apologies were given on behalf of Brian Glover, Ian Holm and Charles Dance who couldn't attend, but sent their wishes of good luck. Also unable to be present was Brian Johnson, visual effects supervisor on Alien and Aliens, who had last minute commitments elsewhere. Simon's greeting speech was received by "whoops and whistles" from the audience.[2]

Next, an informative model-making and painting talk was given by Barry Clark from Warp 9 models, followed by a short questions and answers session. Following Barry's talk, the crowd was introduced to Nick Harrison of Bitch Productions commissioned by 20th Century Fox to build the full scale Alien Queen for their Los Angeles headquarters. Only five were be made: one for Fox, the one at the convention (which went "under the hammer" at Sotheby's later in 1993) and three more made available commercially. Nick gave some positive words regarding the large number of fans in attendance and gave great encouragement for next year's event.[2]

While those who stayed in the main hall were shown Giger's Alien, a documentary on the making of Alien, outside the foyer area was soon filled with folks gathering around dealer tables which had comics selling alongside some more "unusual" items. Miniature and full size Eggs and Alien bookends were also at the dealer tables.[2]

Along with the fan club stall and dealer tables was 'The Dropship' Aliens fanzine with their convention special issue including a cartoon strip 'The convention zone', an alternative view of the day's events.[2]


Terry English (left) poses with Harry Harris (right) and his Hudson costume at the convention.[3]

A few original costumes made an appearance, including a complete Hudson costume (one of three made for actor Bill Paxton), Drake, Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Hicks, Gorman and one of Sigourney Weaver's leather jackets. From Alien3 was a prisoner's T-shirt and a complete costume (believed to have been worn by Weaver).[2]

Two table-top role playing games made it to the convention, run by separate gaming organizations. Three games were each held during the day, all places taken. The general opinion was that play was action packed, fast and furious.[2]

Back in the auditorium, a talk was underway, given by Roman Guttinger from Switzerland. Roman was a close friend of H. R. Giger, and spoke mostly of how Giger "is such a kind gentleman". Roman then went on to answer questions on Giger and his involvement with the making of Alien.[2]

After lunch, Harry Harris was called upon to be included in the questions and answers panel with Dave Hughes, editor and writer of Aliens magazine for Dark Horse International, along with magazine contributors Jim Campbell and Lee Brimmicombe-Wood.[2] The one[2] to two[6] hour long session concentrated mainly on the origins and biology of the Aliens, the derelict ship and the Pilot.[2]


The knot tied by English for Harry Harris.[4]

Terry English, maker of the Colonial Marine armor suits from Aliens and the Weyland-Yutani Commando helmets from Alien3, had with him a display of the Alien items he made and gave his autograph to those who asked.[2] He later took the stage for a talk on his movie career, answering many questions relating to Excalibur, and in particular about his close encounter with a flying Alien head during the filming of some explosion sequences and the "not so near miss" of a brick outbuilding with the APC on the Pinewood Studios backlot.[2] Terry English also tied a Japanese sacred knot in the tie of a prop strap used on Hudson's costume in Aliens when he met Harris at the convention.[4]

The day was nearly at a close when a raffle was drawn and £100 was raised towards helping the South West Children's Hospice open their new ward. A closing speech from Simon Clarke came at the end of the day.[2]


The Aliens magazine article.[6]

An article about the event was included in Aliens magazine, Vol. 2 #13 (July 1993)[6] and an article written by Harry Harris appeared in the June 1993 issue of Model Mart Magazine.[2]

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