Alien 3 Cards 53

Card 53 - Alien3 Collectible CardArt title card.

Alien3 Collectible CardArt is a 1992 80-card trading card set based on the film Alien3, published by Star Pics.


The cards are arranged into five main subsets:

  • 38 "Datalog" cards, which essentially form a narrative of the film from Ripley's perspective.
  • 3 "Outtake" cards, which detail scenes deleted from the theatrical cut of the film.
  • 16 "Behind the Scenes" cards, which feature behind the scenes images and information from the production.
  • 12 "Weyland-Yutani File" cards, which contain details on the characters in the film.
  • 9 Dark Horse Comics cards, which present newly-commissioned Alien artwork and also form a short comic titled Alien3: Alone.

The set also features a title card and a special text-only "Checklist" card.

With the exception of the Dark Horse subset, each standard card features an image on the front (either a shot from the film or a promotional or behind the scenes image), while the rear carries a small block of text. The Dark Horse cards, meanwhile, feature new Alien-themed artwork on the front, and carry the short comic Alien3: Alone, with art by Hoang Nguyen, on the rear.

Artists who contributed original artwork for the Dark Horse Comics cards were Tim Sale, Chris Warner, Hoang Nguyen, Paul Gulacy, Paul Guinan, Tim Bradstreet and Ron Randall.[1]

Cards were sold in 10-card "StarPaks".


  • There are several curious idiosyncrasies with the Alien3 trading cards. Most obviously, the set's title card is actually card 53, and falls in the middle of the Behind the Scenes cards. There are also character cards for several fairly minor background prisoners, such as Jude, but no such card for Ripley, the star of the movie. Furthermore, the adaptation of the film on the rear of the Datalog cards actually skips over how the Dragon is killed — the summary builds up to Ripley climbing out of the mold, then suddenly jumps to the Weyland-Yutani team arriving. As a result the fates of neither the Dragon nor Dillon are revealed.



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