Alien3: Terminal Addiction is a comic book short story that was published by Dark Horse Comics in its UK-based Aliens magazine, Vol. 2 #12, in June 1993. The comic serves as an advertisement for the Alien3 video game on the SNES console.

In the Aliens comics line, Alien3: Terminal Addiction was preceded by Aliens: Horror Show, published concurrently with Aliens: Colonial Marines, Aliens: Earth Angel, Aliens: Rogue and Aliens: Sacrifice, and was followed by Aliens: Taste and Aliens: Crusade.


The short comic shows a boy playing the Alien3 video game on his SNES console, only to find himself sucked into the game itself. After fighting off Xenomorphs with assault rifles and flamethrowers, he is finally subdued by a Facehugger, only to suddenly awake and realize the entire experience was a hallucination. But as he sits in front of his TV, an Alien emerges from the shadows behind him...

Reprint History

Alien3: Terminal Addiction has never been collected or reprinted.


  • A second, similar comic was created to advertise the Alien3 video game released on the Game Boy portable console. It shows a boy becoming obsessed with the game, eventually even changing his appearance to resemble one of the shaven-headed inmates of the Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit, at which point he is attacked and eaten by an Alien that has escaped into the real world. It is not currently known where this second comic/advertisement was published.