Card 9 - Warrant Officer Ripley.

Alien is a 1979 84-card trading card (or "Movie Photo Card", per the packaging) set based on the film Alien, published by Topps.


The cards consist of an image on the front (typically a shot from the film, although in some cases promotional or behind the scenes images are used) with either text or a puzzle piece on the rear. 36 cards form puzzle pieces, while the text on the remaining 48 forms an adaptation of the film. There were two puzzles included in the set — the pieces with a pink border form a concept image of the refinery, while pieces with a blue border form an image of the Pilot.[1] The set also included 22 stickers of characters and shots from the film.

Cards were sold in 10-card packs that also included one sticker and one stick of gum.[1]



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