Packaging for Alien series 1 & 2.

The Kubrick Alien toys were a 2003 line of block-styled miniature action figures and accessories based on the Alien franchise. The line produced toys based exclusively on the first two films of the franchise.


A full list of all products released by Kubrick under the Alien line.

Alien Series 1

Alien Series 2

  • Alien — Nostromo Suit Dallas
  • Alien — Nostromo Suit Lambert
  • Alien — Chestbursted Kane
  • Alien — Nostromo Suit Kane (with Facehugger)
  • Alien — Flightsuit Ripley (with Cat carrier)
  • Alien — Chestburster (with two Eggs)

Other figures


  • The Aliens Warrior figures all have smooth domed heads instead of rigid ones like in the movie. However, the Warriors in the movie were originally supposed to have domed heads.
  • The Alien Quadrilogy: Collector's Alien head bonus figure appears to have only been available with the Japanese release of the box set.


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