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The Eaglemoss Collections Alien & Predator figures are an ongoing line of figurines based on the Alien, Predator & Alien vs. Predator franchises. While mainly releasing movie based figurines, they also began releasing figurines based on the comics and video games of the franchise.


Below is a list of all figurines released to date. All figurines are in 1:16 scale excluding the Mega/Ship series and the two Facehugger figurines. Owing to the nature of this article, this list is ongoing and may not be complete.

Main series

Special Editions

Bonus Editions

  • AlienSpace Jockey
  • Alien vs. Predator — Predator-Vision Xenomorph (Glow in the Dark Grid Alien)
  • Alien vs Predator — Alien vs. Predator Video Game Figurine Set (Predator & Alien from the 1993 game)
  • AliensFacehugger

Box Sets

Mega Specials

  • Alien — MEGA Alien Xenomorph Statuette 32cm
  • Aliens — Alien Xenomorph Warrior 30cm
  • Predator — MEGA Predator Statuette 34cm
  • Alien — MEGA Alien Xenomorph Statuette 32cm (Glow in the Dark)
  • Alien3 — MEGA Alien Runner

Alien Ships

Other figures

  • Alien — Facehugger & Egg


  • The Homeworld Predator is a completely original character created by Eaglemoss Collections with a backstory describing him as an Elder with a comparable role to the Enforcer Predator from Predator: Bad Blood but specializing in Young Bloods.


1:16 Scale figurines

1:7 Scale statuettes

Other figures


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