Alien: Night Shift is a 2019 fan-made short film written and directed by Aidan Michael Brezonick and starring Amber Gaston, Terrance Keith Richardson, Christopher Murray and Tanner Rittenhouse. Created as part of the Alien 40th anniversary shorts project run by Tongal in association with 20th Century Fox, the film takes place on an extrasolar colony, where four unrelated individuals find themselves at the forefront of a Xenomorph outbreak.


At the mining colony of High Lonesome on LV-422, supply ship crewmember Welles finds his buddy Harper slumped in a back street, apparently hungover and having skipped work for the day. Suggesting another drink might help him feel better, Welles helps Harper to his feet and the two men go in search of liquor. As they walk away, they fail to notice the dead Facehugger lying in the shadows nearby.

Across the colony, residents Rolly and Springer are preparing to close down the settlement's storeroom for the night when Welles and Harper arrive and ask to be let in. Welles claims his superiors have given him permission to acquire alcohol for their return journey now that their vessel has finished offloading supplies. Although he remains dubious of Welles' story, Springer lets the two men in. As Welles looks through the manifest and places his order, Harper begins feeling unwell. Asking if the lockup has a toilet, Springer takes him out back to show him where it is and unlock the door, and while they are gone Rolly spots Welles stealing a can of beer from the storeroom. Despite her anger she does not challenge him, instead inquiring whether there are any spaces on his ship so that she can leave LV-422. However, when he responds suggestively that she could bunk with him, she tells him to fuck off.

Her aggressive reply is overheard by the returning Springer, who berates her for insulting a guest at the colony. In response, Rolly alerts Springer to Welles' theft. At that moment, Harper staggers back into the room, clutching at his gut and complaining of something moving inside him. When he collapses and begins frothing at the mouth, Rolly rushes to find a medkit in a back room while Welles and Springer go to help the stricken man. They lift Harper's shirt and spot something moving beneath the skin of his stomach, which promptly tears through and reveals itself to be a Chestburster.

Just as she locates a medkit, Rolly is alerted by the sound of gunshots. Rushing back to the front room, she discovers that a shocked Welles has accidentally shot Springer in the neck in his desperation to kill the emerging Chestburster. Rolly goes to her colleague's aid as Welles spots the creature again and continues firing wildly, this time hitting an electrical conduit and shorting out the lights in the storeroom. Weighing up his options, Welles flees the scene, but Rolly rejects his suggestion that she abandon Springer and save herself. Despite her efforts, Springer dies in her arms, and a hardened Rolly chooses to seal the storeroom door and face the infant Xenomorph, arming herself with a baseball bat.

As she hunts for the Chestburster between the racks and shelves of supplies, it rushes at her from the shadows. She manages to get the drop on it and batters the small creature to death. However, her repeated beating of the Xenomorph's corpse is interrupted by the colony's alert klaxon, over which she can hear the sounds of screaming and gunfire. As the cacophony draws nearer, she also hears the screams of injured Xenomorph Warriors.



As with the other 40th anniversary short films, Alien Night Shift was released through IGN, becoming available from April 12, 2019.[2]



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