The PlayStation 3 platinum trophy icon.

Below is a list of all PlayStation trophies and Xbox achievements that can be unlocked in the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation, along with their description/requirement. There are a total of 50 awards that can be earned in the game, plus the PlayStation-exclusive platinum trophy.

Achievements are also available on PC versions of the game, through platforms such as Steam.

Award List[]

Trophy/Achievement Icon Description Trophy Gamerscore
Alien: Isolation (PS3/PS4 only) AIAlienIsolation Obtain all the Alien: Isolation trophies Trophy Platinum
Awake AIAwake Complete the first mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Welcome to Sevastopol AIWelcometoSevastopol Complete the second mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
A Perfect Organism AIAPerfectOrganism Encounter the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
A Hunt Begins AIAHuntBegins Complete the third mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Just Out of Reach AIJustOutofReach Contact your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android Trophy Bronze 40 Gamerscore
You Shouldn't Be There AIYouShouldntBeThere Complete the fourth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
How Do You Feel? AIHowDoYouFeel Complete the fifth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Hide. Run. Survive. AIHideRunSurvive Complete the fifth mission without being killed by the Alien Trophy Silver 40 Gamerscore
Caught in the Trap AICaughtintheTrap Complete the sixth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
An Outpost of Progress AIAnOutpostofProgress Complete the seventh mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Bait AIBait Complete the tenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Hazard Containment AIHazardContainment Complete the eleventh mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
A Synthetic Solution AIASyntheticSolution Complete the twelfth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Consultation AIConsultation Complete the thirteenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Throwing the Switch AIThrowingtheSwitch Complete the fourteenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
The Message AITheMessage Complete the fifteenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Transmission AITransmission Complete the sixteenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Free the Torrens AIFreetheTorrens Complete the seventeenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
End of the Hunt AIEndoftheHunt Complete the eighteenth mission Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Ripley, Signing Off AIRipleySigningOff Complete the game on any difficulty setting Trophy Silver 50 Gamerscore
Survivor AISurvivor Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting Trophy Gold 100 Gamerscore
The Missing AITheMissing Collect an ID tag Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
The Taken AITheTaken Collect all ID tags Trophy Silver 40 Gamerscore
A Record of Disaster AIARecordofDisaster Collect an archive log Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Voices of Sevastopol AIVoicesofSevastopol Collect 100 archive logs Trophy Silver 40 Gamerscore
Archivist AIArchivist Collect 10 Nostromo logs in the main campaign Trophy Bronze 40 Gamerscore
Shock to the System AIShocktotheSystem Use the stun baton Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Light 'Em Up AILightEmUp Use the flamethrower Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Use with Caution... AIUsewithCuation Use the shotgun Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Every Bullet Counts AIEveryBulletCounts Use the revolver Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
This Should Work AIThisShouldWork Use the bolt gun Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Self Defense AISelfDefense Kill 10 humans Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Not a Scratch AINotaScratch Escape from android combat without taking damage Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
She's in the Vents... AIShesintheVents Use the vent system 20 times Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
I Admire Its Purity AIIAdmireItsPurity Detect 30 targets with the motion tracker Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
Build to Survive AIBuildtoSurvive Construct an item Trophy Bronze 5 Gamerscore
A True Engineer AIATrueEngineer Construct one of each craftable items Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
Mercy or Prudence? AIMercyorPrudence Complete the game without killing any humans Trophy Gold 50 Gamerscore
Seegson Security Bypass AISeegsonSecurityBypass Perform 10 successful hacks Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Seegson Systems Expert AISeegsonSystemsExpert Complete 10 minigames succesfully Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Power Games AIPowerGames Access 10 different rewire points Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Fault Detected AIFaultDetected Kill an android Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
One Shot AIOneShot Complete the game without dying Trophy Gold 100 Gamerscore
My Turn Now AIMyTurnNow Kill an android using only the maintenance jack Trophy Silver 40 Gamerscore
Not the First AINottheFirst Turn off the beacon Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Mind Your Step AIMindYourStep Navigate Reactor Maintenance without dying Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
Retreat from Fire AIRetreatfromFire Cause the Alien to retreat using a molotov Trophy Bronze 20 Gamerscore
Back Off AIBackOff Cause the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
Stunned AIStunned Knock down a human or stun an android with a non-lethal attack Trophy Bronze 10 Gamerscore
100 Times Too Many AI100TimesTooMany Get killed by the Alien 100 times Trophy Bronze 5 Gamerscore

Award References[]

Several of the awards in the game are named after lines of dialogue from Alien:

  • "Ripley, Signing Off" is named after a quote from Ellen Ripley.
  • "A Perfect Organism", "I Admire Its Purity" and "Retreat from Fire" are named after quotes from Ash.



Ron Cobb's "Semiotic Standard" symbols, as seen aboard the Nostromo.

  • The trophy/achievement icons in the game are based on artist Ron Cobb's "Semiotic Standard," created for the interior of the Nostromo in Alien. In fact, several of the awards use Cobb's conceptual symbols unaltered, although their "meaning", as devised by Cobb, rarely equates to the requirements for unlocking them in the game. The symbols also appear around Sevastopol, just as they did aboard the Nostromo in the original film.