This page lists all available downloadable content for the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation.


Extra content in the form of two bonus levels, Crew Expendable and Last Survivor, which featured most of the original cast of Alien reprising their roles from the film, were packaged with various pre-order editions of Alien: Isolation. While the bonus levels were initially exclusive to these pre-order editions, they were later made available for download separately.[1]

Additional DLC, in the form of five map packs for the game's Survivor mode, each with a new playable character either alluded to or briefly featured in the main singleplayer campaign, was made available in the months following the game's release.

Downloadable Content

Crew Expendable

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The first bonus level, Crew Expendable, was originally packaged with both the Nostromo Edition and the Ripley Edition of the game. Taking place soon after Brett is killed by the Alien aboard the Nostromo, players assume the role of either Ripley, Dallas or Parker as they attempt to flush the creature into the Nostromo's airlock.

Last Survivor

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The second bonus level, Last Survivor, was originally exclusive to the Ripley Edition of the game, only available from select retailers. It takes place immediately after Parker and Lambert have been killed by the Alien. In it, players take control of Ripley, now alone aboard the Nostromo, as she must activate the ship's self destruct system and flee before it detonates, all while being stalked by the Alien.

Corporate Lockdown

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The first piece of post-launch DLC, entitled Corporate Lockdown, became available for download on October 28, 2014. Corporate Lockdown allows gamers to play as Seegson executive Ransome as he attempts to escape from Sevastopol when the Alien begins slaughtering its inhabitants. It features three maps, "Severance", "Scorched Earth" and "Loose Ends", stretching from the corporate penthouse in the Solomons Habitation Tower to the San Cristobal Medical Facility. Corporate Lockdown also introduces a new Gauntlet mode, which tasks players with completing the three new maps back-to-back without dying.


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The second DLC pack, Trauma, became available for download on December 2, 2014. In it, players take on the role of Dr. Lingard as she seeks to destroy the research she conducted on the Xenomorph, lest it fall into the wrong hands. Along the way, she must collect supplies for her camp, which houses many survivors in desperate need. The pack features three maps, "Reoperation", "Crawl Space" and "Overrun".

Safe Haven

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The third DLC pack, Safe Haven, was released on January 13, 2015. In this story players take on the role of Hughes and must venture out of the only safe room on Sevastopol to find supplies. The DLC introduces the all new Salvage Challenges mode, in which the player must complete 10 out of the 20 tasks available in the level without dying. A safe room is available between each mission where the player can collect items as well as save the game (at the cost of points). The single map allows the player to explore the Bacchus Apartments and Gemini Secondary Systems.

Lost Contact

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The fourth DLC, Lost Contact continues with the new Salvage Challenges mode and was released on February 10, 2015. In it you play as Axel, as you explore the Lorenz Private Wards and the S6 Emergency Power Plant. As you work to complete your mission you have to evade other humans, hostile Working Joes, and the Alien.

The Trigger

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The fifth and final DLC, The Trigger was released on March 3, 2015. Assuming the role of Ricardo, players must help to set explosive traps for the Alien across Sevastopol Station. The pack features three maps, "Damage Control", "The Package" and "Blast Seat". The events are set directly before those of the main game.


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