This article covers the pre-rendered cutscenes in the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation, including every cutscene in the released game as well as cutscenes referenced in the game files which were later cut due to story changes.

Alien: Isolation's cutscenes were produced by Axis Animation in early 2013. Due to the poor reception of Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA conducted a review into the development of Alien: Isolation, resulting in a large story rewrite around the middle of 2013. In this rewrite around half of the cutscenes produced by Axis Animation were scrapped, however the animations for these removed cutscenes ended up shipping in the final game's files. Some cutscenes were also seemingly reworked/remade by Creative Assembly to fit into the altered storyline.

Cutscenes listed below that didn't make the final game are marked with "[removed from final game]" and their descriptions have been interpolated from information in the game's files, and other known story beats.


Cutscene 00

Cutscene 00

Description: The animated title sequence to Alien: Isolation.

Characters: N/A

AYZ_SC01 (cutscene_01)

Cutscene 01

Cutscene 01

Description: Samuels talks to Ripley in an unknown location. He tells her about the flight recorder being recovered and invites her on the mission to Sevastopol.

Characters: Ripley, Samuels

AYZ_SC02 [removed from final game]

Description: Presumed to show the crew discovering the Solace.

Characters: Connor, Ripley, Samuels, Taylor, Verlaine

AYZ_SC03 [removed from final game]

Description: Presumed to take place aboard the Solace.

Characters: Spacesuit Ripley

AYZ_SC05 [removed from final game]

Description: Presumed to take place aboard the Solace.

Characters: Spacesuit Ripley

AYZ_SC06 [removed from final game]

Description: Presumed to take place after returning from the Solace.

Characters: Cat, Ripley, Samuels, Verlaine, Taylor

AYZ_SC08 / AYZ_SC09 / AYZ_SC10 (cutscene_08_09_10)

Cutscene 08 09 10

Cutscene 08 09 10

Description: The Torrens tries to contact Sevastopol and has issues. Samuels, Amanda, and Taylor suit up and attempt to EVA across to Sevastopol from the Torrens as it is unable to dock. Debris from Ricardo's earlier detonation to trap a Xenomorph cuts their line and causes Ripley to separate from the rest of the crew. Oddly, the game files reference animations for Heyst, Marlow, Meeks, and Samuels' corpses here.

Characters: Ripley, Samuels, Taylor, Connor, Verlaine, Spacesuit Ripley, Spacesuit Samuels, Spacesuit Taylor, Spacesuit Heyst Corpse, Spacesuit Marlow Corpse, Spacesuit Meeks Corpse, Spacesuit Samuels Corpse

AYZ_SC11 (cutscene_11)

Cutscene 11

Cutscene 11

Description: Ripley meets Axel in Baggage Reclaim and he agrees to help her get off Sevastopol in exchange for a place on the Torrens.

Characters: Ripley, Axel

AYZ_SC12 (cutscene_12)

Cutscene 12

Cutscene 12

Description: Axel is killed by the Xenomorph in front of Amanda and dragged into the vents by the Xenomorph.

Characters: Axel, Ripley, Alien

AYZ_SC15 (cutscene_15)

Cutscene 15

Cutscene 15

Description: Amanda contacts Samuels through Seegson Communications and he informs her that Taylor was injured by the debris in space.

Characters: Ripley, Samuels, Monitor Samuels

AYZ_SC16 [removed from final game]

Description: Amanda reaches Samuels and Taylor for the first time on Sevastopol. Taylor has been injured and Samuels asks Ripley to visit medical to gather supplies. Sidenote: an animation from this cutscene was re-used in the final game, being Taylor's idle injured animation in the Marshal's Bureau. The cutscene recording scripts and calls to play the cutscene and audio remain in the final game.

Characters: Ripley, Samuels, Taylor

AYZ_SC17 (cutscene_17)

Cutscene 17

Cutscene 17

Description: Amanda listens to a recording from Lingard on a computer in lower medical about Foster's chestburster.

Original sequence (cut): Amanda visits Ransome's office and he shows her a video of Lingard. Ripley agrees to find Lingard with Ransome to learn more.

Characters: Ripley, Monitor Lingard, Ransome

AYZ_SC18 [removed from final game]

Description: Amanda and Ransome find Lingard, it turns out Ransome helped locate her as Lingard has files that could damage his reputation with the company due to the Sevastopol incident, and he wants them destroyed. Ransome forces Lingard to perform an autopsy on Foster to retrieve a sample of the Xenomorph. Ripley and Ransome watch as Lingard performs the autopsy, and in the process, the chestburster breaks through Foster's neck.

Characters: Lingard, Ransome, Ripley

AYZ_SC19 [removed from final game]

Description: Amanda encounters Marlow grieving over Foster, and takes the medical supplies from him.

Characters: Ripley, Foster, Marlow

AYZ_SC20 (cutscene_20)

Cutscene 20

Cutscene 20

Description: Amanda returns to Samuels and Taylor who are being interrogated by Marshal Waits and Ricardo. Waits tells Amanda to get the transit reactivated so that they can move Taylor to the Colonial Marshal bureau.

Characters: Samuels, Taylor, Waits, Ricardo, Ripley

AYZ_SC21 [removed from final game]

Description: Ripley communicates with Waits, Marlow, and Ricardo over a video link.

Characters: Ripley, Wait, Ricardo, Monitor Marlow, Monitor Wait

AYZ_SC22 [removed from final game]

Description: Potentially the introduction to the LV426 mission, where Marlow starts talking about what happened over video link, with shots of the crew on the planetoid.

Characters: Spacesuit Heyst, Spacesuit Lewis, Spacesuit Marlow, Spacesuit Meeks, Ripley, Wait, Monitor Marlow

AYZ_SC24 [removed from final game]

Description: Marlow continues to tell the LV426 story, Ripley and Waits listen.

Characters: Marlow, Wait, Ripley

AYZ_SC25 (cutscene_25)

Cutscene 25

Cutscene 25

Description: Inside the derelict Foster approaches an Alien egg which releases a facehugger. In the final game the scene cuts here, however, game files reference continued dialogue for the scene and extra animations for Waits and Amanda - the cutscene most likely concluded with an ending to the flashback in the Marshal bureau.

Characters: Spacesuit Marlow, Spacesuit Heyst, Spacesuit Meeks, Spacesuit Foster, Facehugger, Wait, Ripley


M14 scene07

M14 scene07

Description: Ripley is ejected from the hazard lab, and thrown into space. She managed to grab Sevastopol and pull herself back inside.

Original sequence (cut): Ripley is sucked into space from the hazard lab.

AYZ_SC26 [removed from final game]

Description: Everyone reunites and potentially forms the plan to access Apollo.

Characters: Samuels, Taylor, Ricardo, Ripley, Wait

AYZ_SC27 [removed from final game]

Description: Samuels sacrifices himself to allow entry to Apollo.

Characters: Samuels, Ripley

AYZ_SC29 (cutscene_29)

Cutscene 29

Cutscene 29

Description: Amanda enters the Apollo Core and interfaces with Apollo where she learns that Weyland Yutani purchased Sevastopol shortly after they left.

Characters: Ripley

AYZ_SC30 [removed from final game]

Description: (This description is informed guess-work). Amanda plans to destroy Sevastopol and enlists the help of Taylor. They travel through the reactor core and towards the Dry Dock, where the Anesidora is being dismantled.

Characters: Taylor, Ripley

AYZ_SC31 [removed from final game]

Description: (This description is informed guess-work). Taylor and Amanda watch the Anesidora getting dismantled by androids, and attempt to activate its detonation procedure. Taylor is killed.

Characters: Android1, Android2, Android3, Taylor, Ripley

AYZ_SC32 [removed from final game]

Description: (This description is informed guess-work). Ripley returns from the Dry Dock.

Characters: Ripley

AYZ_SC35 [removed from final game]

Description: Another LV426 flashback?

Characters: Ripley, Marlow, Spacesuit Heyst, Spacesuit Lewis, Spacesuit Marlow, Spacesuit Meeks, Foster

AYZ_SC36 [removed from final game]

Description: Ripley talks to Marlow via video link, they plan to meet up.

Characters: Ripley, Monitor Marlow

AYZ_SC37A [removed from final game]

Description: Ripley meets with Marlow. Marlow is attacked and killed by a Xenomorph.

Characters: Marlow, Ripley, Alien

AYZ_SC41 [removed from final game]

Description: Amanda communicates with the Torrens while trying to allow it to dock.

Characters: Spacesuit Ripley, Verlaine, Connor

AYZ_SC42A [removed from final game]

Description: Aboard the Torrens, Verlaine attempts to dock with Sevastopol.

Characters: Verlaine, Connor

AYZ_SC45 (cutscene_45)

Cutscene 45

Cutscene 45

Description: In the final game this is an animated sequence showing Sevastopol crashing into the gas giant, however it appears to have originally shown Amanda floating in space - later moved to "cutscene_finalscene".

Characters: Exportableaftercredits Spacesuit Ripley, Exportableprecredits Spacesuit Ripley


Cutscene 101

Cutscene 101

Description: A cutscene showing Ellen Ripley's message to Amanda.

Characters: N/A


Cutscene finalscene

Cutscene finalscene

Description: Amanda floats into outer space unconscious, but is awoken by the light of a ship passing by her helmet.

Characters: Ripley

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